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Liebster Award Nomination

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday... It's officially nearly the weekend! This is an unexpected blog post all thanks to Steph from Steph's World! Steph has a lovely blog that I catch up on frequently so you should 100% go and check her out! She had great answers to her Leibster Award questions so make sure to give them a read! Don't forget to give her a follow with all of her social media buttons! You know you want to... I'd never heard of this until Steph popped up on Twitter and nominated me, so I've had a whale of a time this afternoon! It's like the tags they do on Youtube, but you type it into a blog post instead! A Bloggers gets nominated, They then answer the questions given to them and then they nominate 10 other Bloggers and set 10 new questions for those people to answer. It's fun, easy & a great way for us to all connect, so lets get into it... 

What is your favourite drink to order at a café?

I'm soooo boring! I hate coffee. Tea is OK - but only if I'm in the mood! I normally just pick up some kind of juice or a boring diet coke. PS - Diet Coke is my life! I don't go a day without at least a can of it. I know, I know, its so bad but that's life... 

What is your favourite song and is there a reason why?
I've never ever, ever, had a favourite song. I get so sick of them so quickly, I'm just really picky. When I say i'm into anything, I mean anything... I love Drake (my husband to be) and Arianna so much. On the other hand, I also apreciate Krept & Konan and Giggs. I also apreciate Beyonce and Rhianna, I just don't do the whole favourite thing. But everyone should check out Popcorn by Drake. Oh and I am also head over heals for Zayn, anyway...

What do you love to do in your spare time?
What is spare time? I'm obviously joking, but I don't get a lot of it. I spend most of my spare time, in bed, with my boyfriend, watching netflix. If I'm not there, I'm out with friends, eating mexican food, window shopping, online shopping or planning city breaks/days out. Obviously I also spend time on my blog, but I mainly do this at work. 

If you could be called another name, what would it be?
I don't know how to answer this! I believe that you should be who you are and live life the way you want to, but i'd never change my first name. My parents gave me my name, for a reason. Embrace it! There are 1000 things that could be worse in life, then your name.  

What book would you say to be your all time favourite and why?
OK I don't really read! I've read all the Harry Potter books, The Hunger Games books, Twilight books & 50 Shades books. I've also read the Child called It trilogy. So I guess, one of those?! Please don't come to me for book reviews, way to scary for me and my little attention span! 

What would be your tip for a new blogger?
Just right what you want, girl! (or bro). Who cares! It's your blog, its your little space on the internet, somewhere there will be someone that is interested in what you have to say. Don't you dare sit behind your screen and try to "fit in" with everyone else. I know, content is important. However content should also be what you want it to be, how you want it to be written! Just be yo'self, chill and let it go with the flow! 

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I have 3 places I need to go before I die. They have been the same for the last 10 years! Maritious, I don't know why! I'd just like to go! Rome - I'd like to get engaged at the colloseum (hint hint) and Egypt, just to see the pyramids! Of corse theres 1000 other places I want to go to, but if I could only choose 3, these would be them.

You are going to a desert island, what 3 items would you take with you?
OK, I've answered this about beauty products before, and seeing as none of these questions have been beauty related, i'm going to insert that answer now, to cure my withdrawl symptoms...  Mascara... If you're going to be on a desert island, at least make sure your lashes are lengthened and volumised enough to ensure the helicopter - that Id assume is looking for you - can spot them. Or if you've chosen to live on said desert island - just coat your lashes so you don't look naked! Secondly, brightening concealer. I am lazy... what if I'm on said island and cant sleep? I'll get bags! What if I am on said island looking for other people? (forever obsessed with lost), I wanna look awake and ready to seize the day incase I run in to someone! And lastly... Is this really a beauty product? Id just take a micellar water. My reasons? Well if a helicopter does come to my rescue, or I do meet other folks wondering this island, I need to look and feel fresh. Who wants to make new friends with 10 layers of mascara and 5 days worth of concealer on their face? I'd get spotty...

If you could only see one theatre show (or film) for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Lion King. I know there are sooooooooo many theatre shows about at the moment. I haven't seen many, but the ones I've seen were all amazing. The Lion King took the biscuit though, so clever & so mesmorising. I've seen it 3 times now and its a different, heart warming experience every single time. 

What is your best joke?
PAH. I'm not a funny person, what I do is funny, my sarcasm is hillarious, but all jokes, always sound better in my head. So I won't bore the life out of you with an answer to this, because I don't know the answer & if I did, you'd only read it straight faced and unimpressed!

Thank you so much to Steph, over at Steph's World for this nomination! It's been great to challange myself with some non beauty related questions for once! I've had so much fun. So now its my turn! 

1. What's your ideal holiday destination?
2. What catches your eye on someone's Instagram account? 
3. What's 1 short term goal you are currently working towards?
4. What inspired you to start your blog?
5. Have you ever attended a blogger event? If so, how/where was it!?
6. What's your ideal relaxation method?
7. What's your favourite make-up/cosmetics brand? 
8. What big summer plans have you made so far? 
9. Would you rather send an email or a letter?
10. What's your go to cocktail?

Who's nominated? 
Jade from Simply Jadey
Leigh from Eternalleigh
Anoushka from anoushkaprobyn
Holly from hollylizabeth
Joice from love-joice
Leya from leluroxx
Emily from theminimermaid

Sorry if you've already done this girls! Just a bit of fun! Let me know on twitter! 

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  1. Thanks for the nomination! I'm very exited to do this it's my first tag like post I'll be attempting so yay! I love things like this they're so cute, plus I would also watch the Lion King for the rest of my life happily, such an amazing show and film!! xx



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