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So...? Fragrance Body Mist Review*

Gone are the days that we rely on our Charlie Red or Versace Red Jeans cheap but sweet perfumes. Sure, i'm sure some people still use/own them, but unfortunately, we are currently living in the day and age in which a bottle of your favourite perfume can cost you anything in the region of £80-£100! Luckily, So...? have released an alternative that you are going to love, and isn't going to break your bank.

Going back 10 years or so, So...? was the You couldn't turn a corner or walk down a corridor at school without almost choking on the thick cloud of So...? Kiss Me that Sadie had just sprayed, which everyone kept in their inside blazer pocket. The body spray obviously, we weren't classy enough to bring the Eau De Toilette to school. It was every school girls best friend after PE and every school child's life saver on sweaty summer days spent in hot IT classrooms. I remember 1 year, my Christmas list read "So Kiss Me body spray but other flavours", yeah, I called them flavours. So...? Sinful was my fave, and I was the odd one out at 1 point for opting for that over Kiss Me. I'm also 90% sure there was a So...? body spray in a turquoise-blue coloured can which smelt good, but for the life of me can't remember it nor find any trace of it on the internet - did that exist? Or am I making it up? Anyway...

Where to buy: Boots  Superdrug

Fast forward to 2017 and that teen hit brand So...? are still doing things and they've grown up, just like us! I was quite shocked to notice that the So...? Body Spray's are still on the shelves in Boots last year. Shocked, but glad, that they've pulled through. So when I discovered they'd released brand new body mist's, I was pretty shook. 

The body mists are completely different to the body sprays. They're packaged in clear plastic bottles decorated with a graphic to match the scent and the pretty and classic So...? logo. Each bottle contains 100ml of product which all smell #amazeballs. Is amazeballs still a thing? Am I still trendy? The clear and pretty graphic makes each bottle really easy to identify and means there's no faffing about trying to find your favourite. They're bright, vibrant and pleasing to the eye. 

With 6 scents available, there really is something for everyone, the body mists are avaialble in:
Rose Petals
♥White Petals
Pink Grapefruit 

My favourite? I can't decide between the Vanilla and the Watermelon (no surprise really, I'd own watermelon everything if I could). Each of them is great, but everyone always has a favourite (or 2)! Personally, I think the scent's last *most* of the day. However, I do sometimes need to remember that a body mist will never have the staying power that the latest YSL perfume has, and that's okay! These bottles are so cute you can pop them into any handbag to top up if you're not feeling fresh enough! I also find them great to spray on my bed pillows and around the room if i'm just on my way out. Nothing smells better then a watermelon smelling pillow after a long day. 

Overall? I'm impressed! So...? have grown so much as a brand since my changing room days and I'm glad I've re-discovered them! You can pick these bad boy's up in your local Superdrug for just £3.99 each - I don't think that's a particularly outrageous price for so much product that is going to last you a good while! They're also available in Boots - if you're quick you'll get them for half price! 

A huge thank you to everyone at So...? Fragrance and the team behind @BloggingGals for hooking me up with the whole So...? Body Mist range! I'm really impressed, and I think these are going to really compliment everyone this Summer! Don't forget to follow Blogging Gals & So...? to find out even more! 

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  1. I never tried these however I have heard great things xxxx

  2. Ah Charlie red what a blast from the past haha! These look great, I might have to pick some up for work as I still like to smell nice but don't like to waste my expensive perfume at work!
    Amy xx

  3. I love the So...? perfumes so I would love to try these!
    Kerry xx || ||

  4. I've been absolutely love the pink grapefruit! It's the perfect scent, id love to try the watermelon though that sounds amazing too x

  5. Gosh I remember these bad boys from years and years ago!! I definitely love their new makeover as well, they really look grown up and classy! Vanilla and watermelon sounds good enough to eat, I must spray some of this when I'm next in store and pick up a bottle!

    Abbey 💓

  6. Oh I used to use So Body Sprays when I was younger! I never knew they had body mists out! I'll have to check them out they look nice! 😍 Xxx

  7. Thats taken me back used to use So..? Kiss me when I was younger xxxxxx

  8. Everytime I smell the So...? Scents in takes me back to my school years!! Such a throwback!!
    I never realised they had New bottles out, so cool! Thanks for sharing xox

  9. I got sent these as well and they are so nice aren't they? I absolutely love the fragrances they made! x

  10. I use body mists daily instead of perfume for work so these are right up my street! Giving me another excuse to go into Boots!

    Sian x

  11. Throwback alert! This is brilliant! I loved so and still love the So...? Body spray with the kisses on it. Yummy! I was thinking which ones I would want and they were Watermelon and Vanilla and then read they are your faves too. Summer and me will be smelling like Watermelon I think.

    Great post and fab experience working with Blogging Gals and So...? You're very lucky.

    Thanks for sharing lovely 😊

    Steph’s World | Lifestyle Blog |

  12. I've never even heard of So...? but I'm loving their name and your pictures are lovely. The scents they offer are wonderful I imagine because I would love to snag watermelon. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

  13. I love perfume so I deff will have to give these a try! 💜

    Shawn Bethea
    Blogger | IBD Advocate
    Twitter | Instagram: @ShawnBethea_

  14. I remember using them at school in a spray. The changing rooms would be flooded with the smell. I'll need to check these out next time I'm in boots!

    Tania ||

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