Friday, 29 July 2016

My go to makeup storage | Store Your Stash

Makeup storage is something we all have, yet something we all do so differently. I'd never really thought about mine until last week - so what a perfect time to dive into my own storage?!

lets ignore that hanging grey TV connector and the black leaves on the wall... I love wall stencils! 
 At the moment, everything is living on my desk which is less desk more dresser. Due to the small space I'm only able to fit my "most used"/go to storage here! *Dreams of the day everything else has a home rather then being stuffed into a makeup bag under my bed*. It's quite basic, acrylic storage, palettes & beauty blenders/brushes and then my mirror and a few skin care bits.

The storage itself is pretty basic - I think it was about £10 from Amazon... Please, guys, don't spend a bomb on acrylic storage! It all does the same thing plus you can get it super cheap from places like Muji
So the top section is all in 1, I just keep my everyday makeup to the left and favourite lipsticks to the right! I have to store lipsticks upside down to see the labels... Ain't no body got time to go through them all looking for 1 certain colour! Tell me I'm not the only 1 that does this... So behind these lipsticks is just a bunch of Benefit mini's that I use every now and then, if i'm honest I quite often forget about them! Then behind my everyday makeup is just a range of lip liners/eye liners/brow pencils. I just feel everything is super easy to reach in this set up and I can just pick things up and put them away after use. By the way... Has anyone else tried the new Benefit brow gel? I am in love! 

The first 2 small draws are quite tiny so just house a few single eye shadows and a few lip balms - nothing exciting, literally. 

So the first longer draw also contains a few every day bits. I was really lucky actually because the Zoeva blush palette that I spoke about here, was literally the perfect fit so that just sits at the bottom under everything else. Then there's the Too Faced Soul Mates Blush Bronzer Duo in "Ross & Rachel" - I don't use this every day, but as a bronzer after some contouring its perfect. Next up is the Hoola bronzer by Benefit, I love this, its a great contour shade. However I'm not prepared to pay for a full sized one just yet... Next its a few lip products, the Too Faced Colour Bomb is 1 of my absolute faves as is the Revlon Lip Butter, both are lovely textures and are super moisturising. I also keep a Nars Audacious lipstick in here as well, I actually hate this, but it cost so much I can't throw it away! 

 Next its the Maybelline Colossal Mascara - this is my holy grail mascara. This must be my 10th tube of the stuff.I don't know what Maybelline have done here but for the last 5 years or so, this mascara has stood out to me above any other - plus its drug store! Not many mascara's are under £8 and a complete god send! Next to that is just a clear mascara which I sometimes use to set my eyebrows - Miss Sporty! Super cheap! I think this was about £2.99?!!!

In the back of this draw as you can see, there's a Stilla lip & cheek tint. This does not work for me what so ever, but like the Nars, it was a bit pricey so can't bring myself to throw it away! One day something is just going to click and I will fall in love with it... I hope.

The bottom draw is a bit boring! Just a few of my favourite drug store foundations really. Then there's a cheap but OK-ish primer by Collection, I've been looking for a new primer for ages now! Does anyone have any recommendations? Next to that is that Lash Sensational mascara that everyone loves but I can't see why! I mean, its OK, but I won't buy another when this one is finished. Then there's a Dior eye shadow quad which is most definitely past its best before date but is way to pretty to get rid of! A standard rosy pink MUA blush and a face mask sample from Nudi! 

Phew, draws done! In an ideal world, this is 100% the kind of post that needs a YouTube video, I feel like i'm waffling on! If you've made it this far, 10 house points awarded to your Harry Potter House.

Next to the draws is my favourite place - except that horrible eye sore of a TV connector. ugh. If you haven't noticed already, I love eye shadow, like, its my bae. I don't even wear it every day, I just always find myself picking up more! Anyway...So we just have a medium Yankee Candle - Summer Scoop for life, its so pretty and reminds me of raspberry ripple ice-cream, mmmm ice-cream. It just sits behind my (disgusting) Beauty Blenders. 

Guys!!!! What am I doing wrong? No matter what I try, my Beauty Blender doesn't ever come out clean! If you have any tips on how to actually clean your beauty blender and make it look clean, please let me know! 

So yeah, next to those dirty but well loved sponges is just another 2 bottles of foundation... How have I accumulated this much? I wish it was all of it, but I have more in make up bags that are dotted around my room. I could Easter Egg hunt with my makeup bags, and I wish that was a joke! 
Now, my favourite bits. At the bottom is the Morphe 35W palette that I reviewed here! That palette is perfect for anyone looking for a huge range of pigmented colours on a budget! Then there's the Nude 'Tude palette by the balm which you can read about here. Then the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced, 1 that I haven't reviewed yet but I am in love with, I could use this every single day so how could it not be given a place on my dresser?

Next up is just a few Kylie Lip Kit's and the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette - this is perfect for on the go as its super small in size! Topped with a Ciate bronzer/blusher duo - I reviewed this but never posted it. Hmmmm, must find that post! Last but not least, brushes. Such an important thing to have. I mainly only use Real Techniques/Morphe/Zoeva. Watch this space though, I'm looking to buy a brand new full set from Zoeva! The travel set from Morphe comes with this striped brush holder so I just keep everything in that! 

Then to top it all off I've just got my ring light mirror... Because, obviously I need a mirror to apply makeup and a few skin care bits, the usual, face masks, cleansers, toners. Another post for another day! As I said, a topic like this is much better explained via video - but I'm not brave enough for all of that jazz! So that's how I store my go to bits n bobs!

Let me know in the comments how you "Store Your Stash"! And if you are looking for self-storage outside of your house, make sure to check out MakeSpace! They take care of everything! If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 


Monday, 25 July 2016

The quest for the perfect cat eye | part 1

If you follow me on social media, its more then likely you've known me to complain about winged eyeliner. We aren't all super talented with perfect cat eye flicks every day. I know, I know, practise makes perfect - but seriously!?!?! I have been practising for about 2 years and yet still can barely get them even enough for me to leave the house. So I thought i'd embark on a journey to test all those little tools out there on my winged eyeliner enabling tools wish list. Here is part 1...

Would you believe that 6 months ago these stencils barely existed in the UK? I had seen a few on but was put off by the price - they seemed super epensive for what is essentially a piece of plastic. So I held out, now days you google "eye liner stencils uk" and your search results are endless. So once I discovered these were now available at my fingertips, I placed my order. These were super inexpensive, about £1,50 from Amazon UK - bargain!

I'm aware of the whole "you get what you pay for" saying... However I did not expect what I recieved. Yes, they were stencils which would ideally enable me to apply winged liner... If I had the worlds largest eyes. Literally. Not that I realised at the time, but most websites have a size choice... Not this cheeky seller though. Aparently I got the same stencils that they send out to the BFG's equally BF girlfriend on PR basis'... It was not a good time, and I didn't even realise until I actually came to use them! 

Although I did try to style the sizing out and make it work with both liquid and gel liners, I had to admit defeat. These huge things that were clearly not even based on the size of the human eye (explaining their cheap and chips price) were a huge miss. Gutted - but what did I really expect a miracle?! Next month I think I'll actually opt for a website that offers "small, medium or large". rather then recieve the largest of them all and literally transform myself into a pander. Just call me Nikkie Tutorials! I'll fill you in on that part next month! For now, please, Jesus, someone share with me their liquid liner tips and tricks... Maybe, just maybe, there is a trick in the book I have not tried and failed at yet! 

Ever tried any "eyeliner tools"? If so, which ones have worked for you!? If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The app we're all playing - Pokemon Go!

Hello beautiful, how are you? I hope you're enjoying the English sunshine - or are you hating it like me? Unless you've been living under a rock (literally), you'll know that over the last week the world and his wife have been utterly obsessed with the new and revamped remake of our childhood that is: Pokemon Go! 

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Photo taken from Google Images

Now when I say the world and his wife are playing, I mean, in my life, I'd say 1 in 10 people are not playing. I'm finding myself going for a walk through my local park to find 50 adults walking around in small groups desperately trying to catch that stray Onix that's appearing on everyone's tracker. Bloody Onix, always breaking out of my pokeballs. 

OK so if you have been living under a rock - not that that's a bad thing, how is it? Not to damp? Let's give you a quick break down... Pokemon Go is a new version of a classic game that smart phone users (and tablet users) are going crazy for. The game uses google maps to pin point your location and as you move around in the real world, you discover Pokemon here there and everywhere. As the original game, the aim is to catch them, train them, battle them and obviously, love them... Until you "catch 'em all". You visit Pokestops to pick up balls, potions & bait, you visit gyms to battle your strongest companions and quite often, you make a lot of friends doing so. 

All of a sudden the streets are filled with people, walking from 1 side of the town to the other, walking the long way home from work - if you can imagine it, Pokemon trainers are probably doing it. There are dedicated Facebook groups for it, e.g. my personal fave, Pokemon Go Hertfordshire! As well as meet ups being arranged! It is a phenomenon, I predict this time next month Pokemon Go will have more users then twitter... Do you realise how many people use Twitter?! 

Now don't get me wrong... I know, we all had legs before Pokemon Go, why should we praise a simple game for enabling "lazy" people to go out and use them? To be fair, I hate walking myself, 
and this game has given me a reason to go out and be more active! Usually, if I can drive there, I will - lots of people are the same and there's no shame in that! I didn't pay all that money learning to drive, buying a car, insuring it & keeping it on the road to walk everywhere did I? With this, its more the concept. Really, its a "single player" game, that you can play with multiple people - there's nothing stopping me and my 2 galpal's popping out for the evening, now we get to better ourselves doing power laps of the park and enjoy it as we catch our childhood friends, all over again, in such a dimension none of us thought would ever be possible. People have walked past me in the street and asked "what team?!". People I've never met have invited me on "Pokemon hunt's" after we've got chatting on a local group post (I am not advising you to meet strangers off the internet!!!), a whole new community is growing.

Yes I am a 23 year old make up obsessed blogger that is out catching Pokemon! My grandparents don't get it either, but... This right here is my childhood! I remember the day my dad told me he had his own "pokedex" whilst we were watching a Saturday morning Pokemon episode and I couldn't believe it! I remember the rush of excitement I felt when he showed me "his" Gameboy Colour and the Pokemon Red Version game slotted in the back of it which then became "mine" - I still have it, and it works! I remember how many hours I'd spend desperately trying to get from 1 end of the completely dark "Rock Tunnel" near Cerulean City to the other without all my Pokemon dying. I remember the day I opened a pack of Pokemon cards and found a "shiny" (rare-ish) Charmander. Heck, I even remember going to see the movie in the cinema! Pokemon was literally the game of my childhood, why would anyone not be pumped to re live it in an interactive way! 

There have been a few horror stories going around, people finding dead bodies whilst out "hunting" and so on... Would them bodies have never been found if I went for a casual walk without my phone? I'd say they probably would, eventually. Plus, we should all pay attention to the warning the game gives you as well "stay aware and alert of your surrounding at all times" I've heard of 1 to many people walking out on to a road to catch a silly little Vulpix! 

Yes I have Pikachu, and yes, I'm team Valor - I hope you are as well! Nintendo, I salute you - you have out done your selves and bough people closer together in a way nobody thought you could

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

Maybelline Master Contour V Stick | review

Where to buy: Superdrug | Boots

I saw soooo much hype about this product when it first came out and I just thought, another contour product... Then I got to thinking, I hadn't actually tried a new contour product since picking up the L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette which didn't really float my boat. So a few days later when me and this baby made eye contact, I thought why not?! OK so this isn't the worlds longest review but it doesn't need to be either... I really like this! I did have to pick it up in Medium as all the Light sticks were sold out but I just thought, its cool I can style it out! (Hopefully).

The design/size of this product isn't much to write home about, but really, does that actually matter? It's black and sleek but that's about it - I doubt it would have caught my eye had it not been on a display. Anyway.. The product itself is suuuuper creamy, as soon as I swatched it I knew how well it was going to blend! I was a bit worried though and had visions of it just being way to dark for me and making me look like my 5 year old self, caught going through mummy's makeup stash again... I was pleasantly surprised!! 

I won't lie, the first time I used this I show cased it on Snapchat, well, the results were quite invisible. I assumed I must have not pressed hard enough/not used enough product. So I went back to the mirror the next day and thought "so what if its a little dark, LETS DO THIS", I contoured my life away. Resulting in me blending my life away... It worked! I've tried blending this with both a Beauty Blender and a Real Techniques Contour brush and both did an equally good job. 

This contour stick is a lovely product to work with, simply draw it onto your face like the work of art you are and blend to your hearts content! I do find the contour shade a lot better then the highlight, I just find that still doesn't really appear for me, but things could change! For a super blend-able contour stick on a high street budget - this is something everyone should try! Maybelline, I salute you. 

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Monday, 11 July 2016

5 Mac essentials every makeup lover should own

With the amount of brands and products in our lives today, trying to entice us to buy this and try that, choosing your staples can be tough. Mac is a brand that I have been using for a good, pft, 8 years now! I think?! Although they are not my 10000000% favourite brand of all time, I don't think I could be without them. So when a friend asked me to recommend her a concealer the other day, I answered and then thought "this is a concealer everyone should at least try!" and so this post was born. Lets talk about my top 5 staple products that have seen me through the years. Excluding lipstick, of course - lipstick doesn't come into this seeing as there are SO many and quite an obvious product! 

This is not allllll my favourite items/go to's... This is just a, if I had to whittle it down to 5 items, it would be these 5. Alternatively, if a complete starter kit is something you'd enjoy reading, let me know - I'd love to give it a go! 

First off, lets prime: 

 Mac's Prep and Prime Fix+ spray - this stuff is the, literally! This simple clear formula can be used as a primer, as a setting spray, to intense your eye shadow pigmentation, to dampen your beauty blender, literally, the list could go on. Using this as part of my makeup routine leaves my skin glowing and feeling moisturised all day, I don't know what I'd do without it! It is by far the best setting spray I've used, I find quite often a lot of setting sprays leave an oily film like feeling on my face after a while and it just makes me feel gross! You'll never use more the 3 pumps at a time and I am telling you, this stuff just never runs out! This tiny bottle costs just £10 from Mac directly and contains 30ml. There is the option to purchase 100ml for £17 - which isn't a bad price! I just don't bother as its not like I'm purchasing a new bottle every month. I can not rate this enough, I literally feel like I'll be spritzing myself with this at my own funeral.. .

Next is a base combo that I couldn't be without, the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation & the Pro Longwear concealer. These 2 are amazing, and they pair together perfectly! They are so similar I don't even need to talk about them separately.. They are super long lasting and give me and my pores the high coverage that we need. I always use a foundation 1/2 shades darker then my concealer just so I can actually see it is really brightening so that explains the odd colours you can see here! Your skin tone will never be uneven and your dark circles will never be visible again with these bad boys. Their creamy consistency is a pleasure to work with and both have super blend-able formula's. I also find it important to mention this - these do not feel heavy on my face! Often a product that is so high coverage can feel heavy and cake through the day... Not with these bad boys! I guess the only way you'll know is to try them! The Pro-Longwear-Concealer is £18 but worth every penny as a little goes a long way & the Studio-Fix-Fluid-SPF-15 Foundation is just £22 - super affordable considering its oil control powers & staying power! 

Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul - OK I've stated before, I'm not a huge blush addict. If I'm honest, I literally found this blush again yesterday and I'm so chuffed with myself! This is the perfect shade no matter what the occasion. Although it may not float everyone's boat as it does have a touch of gold shimmer to it. I find this blush stays put all day and there is sooo much product in the pan. Yes it cost £22.50 for 3.5g but, I have had this pan for a year and it is still domed in shape! A little does go a long way though so don't forget to tap off any excess from your brush to avoid a disaster! The product feels so soft on the skin and the colour is crazy build-able, want a little in the summer? No problem. What a warm glow in the winter? Also no problem - Warm Soul can cover you whatever the season! 

Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle - my all time favourite highlight. I have been using this as long as I can remember. Soft and Gentle is the perfect pink/peach glow that is subtle enough for everyday wear but eye catching enough to make those cheek bones pop! These are a lot more cost effective then the blush I've spoken about, retailing at £24 for 10g of product... This lasts forever, however the one photographed IS my third pan! I admit as I've grown up and experimented with other brands I've forgotten about this, but I always end up coming back to it, its a bit like a bad love influence... But just a pan highlight. Soft and Gentle is super soft to touch and the pigmentation is great. Try applying at 8am one day, I guarantee it will still be in its rightful place at 8pm! 

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Zoeva Coral Spectrum Blush Palette review

The piece of makeup I buy least, has got to be blush. I'm so set in my ways of using the same 1 all the time that I never find myself needing  another. So 1 day I thought, why not try a blush palette!? I do a lot of other peoples makeup as well and sometimes my old safe pink blush just isn't right for them, with a palette at least I'll have a few options. So I picked up the Coral Spectrum Blush Palette by Zoeva! This is the first product I've ever bought from Zoeva, and I already have a mental wishlist of what I want next! 

Now I'm not even going to deny it, I'm just going to embarrass myself on the internet here... Until about 6 months ago, I thought that Zoeva and Zoella were... The same. I thought Zoe Sugg was just being hip and releasing another brand alongside Zoella beauty and she was just trying to be cool. Sorry girls (and or guys), how wrong was I!? I'm glad I did my research though, imagine reading a blog post about this palette and me just talking about the wrong creator. Shudders with embaressment* OK, so actually, Zoeva, by Zoe Boikou is a German brand, created in 2008.The Zoeva website gives this information:
"ZOEVA is a German brand, founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou. The brand name ZOEVA is composed of ZOE, the Greek word for „life“ and EVA, the very first woman. From a basic range of only 10 makeup brushes, ZOEVA now offers a professional portfolio of over 50 makeup tools and 100 colors for a full face makeup routine. Our products are designed to make a real difference in the way women experience their beauty rituals."
You can find more about the Zoeva brand by clicking here!  For now, lets talk about this beautiful Coral toned blush palette I'm glad to have in my arms... 

Where to buy: Zoeva | Beauty Bay
The Coral Spectrum Blush Palette is a real beaut! This sleek smooth black palette has a smart & classy simple design with a magnetic closing function. All lettering is in a minimal text & rose gold in colour so obviously, i adore it! The palette also features 1 straight line through the middle of it, which is designed in a holographic way, giving the illusion that multiple colours move up and down it. The palette is super slim so perfect for just slotting in any bag and is made from sturdy cardboard coated in a rubber like material. Its super travel safe and so light you won't even remember you've got it with you! 

As you can see, the palette consists of 4 different blush colours. The pan sizes are huge, each one is 3.8 grams - I think this baby is going to go a long way! The palette maintains its sleek presence once opened, keeping with the black theme and simply has the Zoeva name branded through the centre of the product. Each shade is equally as pretty as the last and they are all so individual, giving them the rightful place they deserve in this palette. 

Each shade is simply named "CR010/20/30/40" which makes it super easy to refer to when talking about a certain shade in particular. The formulation of these blush's are perfect, they are super finely milled making blending a dream. They are soft to touch and easy on the eye. I've also noticed that when you pick the product up on a brush it doesn't leave very much mess behind either which is a big bonus. I hate products with major fall out, you waste most of it by it scattering across the packaging, clearly Zoeva have got me covered! Lets talk about the colours, 1 at a time from left to right:

CR010 - The deepest pink in the palette. We all know I'm a pink fan and this shade is beautiful. For my skin tone, I think it's probably to deep to be worn through the summer but when the berry lip colours come back out to play I think this will be my go to Autumn shade. 

CR020 - Again, this is beautiful and I think this is my personal fave out of the 4. This is going to be lovely for summer giving off the perfect rosy pink cheek look. I do find these blush's to be really pigmented though and a little of this is going to go a long way on my pale ghost-like cheeks. Don't forget to tap your brush off after picking up the product, because to much of this one could make you look a bit clown-like. 

CR030 - This is probably the colour I use least. That's cool, we can't all use every colour ever day and different colours suit different people. I just find this colour is a bit dark for me. Gorgeous, but to dark. Being so pale I have to be careful using colours that are this shade as I just look a bit... Unwell (lol). However, on my friend this is a lovely colour that also carries a slight golden glow to it. It comes across really natural and effortless. It's a bit like Orgasm by Nars, but much deeper in colour and less shimmer. Its easier to wear.

CR040 - This on the other hand, is a tad light for me and a coral this cool makes me look a bit washed out. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely colour - I just can't pull it off. Although I'm quite pale, I can't use peachy colours like this, just as I can't wear coral/light pink clothing, it just doesn't do me any favours. However I have found if you mix this colour with CR010, CR010 is much more summer wearable - so it's very versatile! 

All in all, this is a great palette. Weather your a makeup artist or just have a passion for makeup - there is something here to suit everyone! 4 large pans of pressed, super pigmented, long lasting powder blush is only £15 on right now! This colour range 100% best suits a wamer skin tone - but when did that ever stop you picking up what you really wanted? Oh, and did I mention, each blush is enriched with Vitamin E and is paraben free?! My first Zoeva product has blown me away and I can't wait to pick up a few more bits! 

What are your Zoeva holy grails? Also, which brushes would you recommed? If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 

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