Wednesday, 31 August 2016

10 things all girls can relate to

1. Period troubles
Periods, we all have them, we don't particularly enjoy them but we know we've gotta live with it for quite a few years... Personally, I started my period when I was 11! I remember I'd just started secondary school and was crying in pain, all my teachers thought I was trying to get out of PE - nope, sorry to disappoint you Mrs King but I wasn't trying to avoid my netball lesson, it was just mother nature calling. Some of us have a heavy flow, others light, some of us don't have periods due to contraceptive choices, others have them none stop for months at a time. However your period is, admit it, its a pain in the noony. We've probably all been caught short before not having a pad/tampon to hand and no matter what anyone says, we've all leaked before, seriously, I leaked like last week. It happens, don't fret. Yes you then have to do more washing, and it can be a bit embarrassing. So what? I'm pretty sure we've all got vagina's which occasionally bleed, its life. 

2. Bladder infections/Cystitis
If you've not experienced the joy that really is Cystitis, please. never take that for granted. You know when you're shaving your legs and you take your eye off the ball for 1 second and cut yourself a little and then proceed to bleed as if you're gonna die... Imagine that small sharp cut, times 50, passing through your lady parts. It is literally like peeing razor blades, no matter how slow you go, you can't avoid the pain. The last little drips are the worst but once it's over, at least you get a few hours off before peeing again... Ugh. 

3. Covering a new/clean top in makeup
We've all done it, planned the perfect outfit, dolled ourselves up, gotten dressed and discovered that new white shirt now has an orange collar. If you're lucky, you'll notice before you leave the house. If you're anything like me, you'll notice once you reach your destination and it's then to late to fix it. Yas girl, style that foundation shirt, work it. 

4. Buying and wearing uncomfortable shoes
Them Topshop heals with the pretty soles are gorgeous, plus they'll go with that new top you just bought, but are you going to be able to walk in them after a cocktail or 7? Nope. Are you going to buy them anyway? Yep. They're too pretty, and they'll look even prettier when its 2am you've had a few to many drinks and have found it appropriate to take you heels off and walk bare foot to your taxi. At least now you can wave them in peoples faces, literally...

5. Sneezing and farting at the same time
You can feel that sneeze coming, it's on the verge but it's being a bugger. Here it comes, you're sneezing, its crazy, as crazy as an 8th of an orgasm, but wait... What's happening? You're about to let out a little fart mid sneeze? You've got no control so just hope for the best! Clench girl, clench... Mission successful. 

6. Needing a poo in public
It's not something we all like to talk about, but in case you didn't realise, we're all humans, we all poo. Some of us do it at home, others at work, some of us can't do it anywhere but at home. But, have you ever been out for dinner or something and your food just didn't agree with you? You know you're brewing, your farting like no ones business but you also know you aren't going to be able to wait until you get home... You've gotta man up, sit in that quiet toilet, do your business as fast as you can and hope no one walks in to hear that dreaded "plop" noise that arises when the deed is being done. It's not something we enjoy, but we know we've gotta do it. We've all been caught out at least once, we all poo. 
7. Fanny farting 
We don't see it coming, but it happens, sometimes randomly, sometimes during sex, sometimes in the bath. How are we meant to react to this?! Just keep going, act like it didn't happen. If anyone else was present, just laugh if they bring it up, it happens. Sometimes it could even be a bit of an ice breaker! *Inserts laughing/crying face emoji* 

8. Having a really bad brow appointment
Ah, the day is here, its brow day. You've been growing your eyebrows out for a few weeks and now it's time to give in and give them a bit of shape. Except when you walk out of the brow bar you're mortified. So thin? No shape? Time to get growing again, and in the mean time, thank god for brow pencils/powders/pomades... 

9. You're always hungry, but don't know what you want 
Especially during time of the month. Do I want Chinese or Curry? Chicken or Beef? Chocolate or sweets? Pizza Express or Pizza Hut? Can I have 1 of everything? Can I have a cheese burger from burger king with some Mcdonalds fries, cheeky hot wings from KFC and a milkshake from Shaketastic? That would satisfy me... No? OK then you decide, "I don't mind".

10. Stalking so much the FBI offer you a full time position
Weather it be your ex's new girl/boyfriend, an old friends new hair cut or an ex colleagues newborn baby. We all love to stalk, and then show the found information to our friends. It's fine, it's natural, right? Either way you've done it before and will do it again! Did you just lose an hour of your life looking up Sadie's brother's girlfriends best friends new LV bag? Me too, oh well...

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Regime London - Coconut Quench Capsules | review

One thing I can admit I'm terrible at, is sticking to a skin care routine. I mean, if you ever see me post about 1 - something will probably be wrong with the world! It's something I've dreamt of locking down for a long time but never get round to it! I've never had "awful" skin, a bit of dryness here and there, the odd spot or so - but I want it to be perfect... So I embarked on a course of capsules to ease me in to the skin care side of things! 

Where to buy: Superdrug

When Regime London sent me a box of their Coconut Quench Capsules to test out, I was ready to challenge myself, and my skin: 

"Regime London is a premium range of nutricosmetics designed to provide a deeper level of beauty care and support, helping to bring the ‘inner you’ to the surface."

Now, let me tell you, these capsules... This, is where it's at! Lets just say, each capsule contains a whopping 4000mg of coconut water!!!!!! Coconut Water is one of the biggest trends around this summer, but, 4000mg? That's crazy guys. As well as that, each capsule also contains a pinch (or punch) of  Hyaluronic Acid which is proven to help increase skin hydration - pair the 2 together and you've got ultimate skin, moisture content. Like, if your skin was taking part in a game of Top Trumps (I know it wasn't just me that used to play them cards) - you'd take the trophy for skin moisture content every day of the week. Anyway... 

The capsules come as a 30 day supply which is great, as I didn't see a huge difference before week 3, but I knew to expect this anyway. Plus, they're suitable for vegetarians! 

I knew I wasn't going to have an issue taking them themselves, the capsules themselves are average size, nothing huge - it was sticking to the course which was the hard part for me! So I waited 'till I knew I had nothing on and could stick with it. Honestly, I'm not an overly busy person, but if I miss 1 pill, the next thing I know I've missed a week's worth, etc... I took 1 every morning with a glass of water and began the waiting game we've all played, which consisted of waiting around to see if there was any results! It was a tough 30 day's of turning off the annoying reminder on my phone each morning to pop a pill but it was worth it! My skin feels healthier, brighter and even a bit softer! Makeup sits better on my skin, and I just feel better in myself! I don't have to worry about my foundation caking any more... 

Oh, yeah, did I mention, they're currently on sale! Pop to your closest Superdrug and snap these up because they're currently £13.32 - RRP £19.99. You can thank me later! 

*A huge thank you to Regime London for kindly gifting this product to me! I've had a great time trying something new and really noticing a difference in my skin! Make sure you follow them here on: FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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Thursday, 18 August 2016

The lipsticks I've been loving over the last few weeks | review

Hello, beautiful! I hope you're well! I apologise for my absence but again, I am back! I seem to keep getting into this continuous cycle of being on the ball and then losing my mojo. I am hoping as this post graces your screens I am back for good!

So, once again, lets talk lipstick. In a world made up of high end and drug store, the lipstick world is ever growing with new ranges, finishes and colours being released every other week. I'm not overly keen on trying "new" ranges! I like what I like. However, I am aware that you can't know what you like without putting yourself out there every now and then! So when I popped into boots a few weeks ago and the lippies started chanting my name, I gave in and picked 2 up. 

These are from the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche line, and for once they are 2 colours with a difference! If you've been reading Love, Libby for a short while now you may have noticed all of my lipsticks have quite a "boring" packaging. I am one of those people that won't buy a product if I don't like the packaging and it all needs to match. I love the rose gold bullets that are floating around but they aren't going to fit in well with all my other black ones. So obviously, these lipsticks were no exception to the rule!  Their sleek matte black bullets are detailed with gold font and a trim around the middle. It's simple, its easy but super pretty! Winning. L'Oreal products are always smart and easy on the eye. 

L'Oreal have released 3 "exclusive" collections within the color riche range - nudes, pinks & reds. So I picked up 1 pink and 1 nude. Obviously, I felt a serious sense of accomplishment that I'd pushed myself to pickup lipsticks from 2 different lines! I was queening all the way to the till.  I picked up J.Lo's Nude which is literally such a perfect colour and Helen's Delicate Rose which is quite a bit lighter in colour! 

J.Lo's Nude - I obviously had to pick this up, Jennifer Lopez is one of the hottest chikka's on the planet! this is the perfect nude, you can wear this morning noon and night. Oh, by the way, it look's lovely with a little bit of gloss over the top for a night out! Are you a gloss person? I kind of am, kind of not. I'm undecided! This colour is a lovely warm beige-ish pink with a mauve undertone that will suit any skin tone! Something I wasn't expecting, was how sheer the product is. I knew it wasn't matte, but there's sheer, then there's... The coverage is lovely for the first hour or so but does need re-applying quite reguarly! I personally don't mind this as it is such a pretty colour. It feels super moisturing and feels like butter, this won't dry your lips out at all but the formula could just do with being a bit thicker! The colour applies smoothly with an even finish meaning you won't ever have to worry about any patchyness if you're applying on the go. 

Helen's Delicate Rose - This is not a "me" colour at all, really, I don't know what compelled me to buy it. I like proper nudes and this is by far the lightest in colour lipstick that I own! The first few times I used this, I wasn't sold. Again, it is super sheer but also super iridescent! The pigmentation on this is there, but as its so light in colour it's not crazy! It's more of a lip pick me up more then a bold colour - it's really subtle and I think it'll suit almost anyone! It's not as bright and light as it looks in the bullet! If you're not brave enough to use this colour alone, you can always use it to lighten any regular lipstick you've got laying around! I actually mainly use it to create an ombre lip with the J.Lo's nude! Like above, this does need re-applying quite regularly so if your a swipe a day gal, you may hate this! The formula is really soft and creamy though, again, non drying.

L'Oreal seem to hit the nail on the head with whatever they release and these lipsticks are no exception! I am desperate to now accumulate that all over time so keep your eyes pealed for more posts like this! 

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

3 amazing L'Oreal face mask's you need to pick up today...

When it comes to face masks, new products are being put on the shelves almost every day. some are high end, some are high street priced. Some are in a squeezy tube, some in a pot. Some work and unfortunately some just don't.

So when I saw L'Oreal had released 3 new "Pure Clay masks", that could target different issues all at once, I knew I needed to try them. Now, I'm not going to give you any false hope. I found these sooo hard to get a hold of! I think they're exclusive to Boots? Don't quote me on that - but I've not seen them anywhere else! The first.... 3(?) times I popped into a Boots store, they were completely sold out. I was starting to lose hope, everyone was raving about them and I felt like I was banging my head against a wall. Finally, I found them last week. Well, I say I found them, I found 2... Left the shop sat in my car and ordered the 3rd online for me to pick up the next day. The deed was finally done. I could breath again.

They're soooo pretty! Each pot is 50ml, glass with a plastic come chrome effect lid. Its super simple, yet sleek - they couldn't have done better! Oh, and did I mention they are currently only £5 at Boots? That's a price no one can complain about! The icing on the cake though, is how versatile they are. You can use 1 at a time, all over your face. Or you can apply all 3 to different area's and "multi mask", whatever you do, you're not going to regret it. Each mask is designed to target 3 different skin prone issues whilst being infused with 3 different types of pure clay. Like most masks, you apply to clean dry skin, leave to dry for 5-10 minutes (or 10-15 if you're like me) and then wash off with warm water. Easy peas-y.

So, whats in my masks?
"Koalin - A highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum.
Montmorillonite - rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections. 
Ghassoul - a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned to help clarify complextion

Each mask contains all 3 clay's as well as being infused with 1 more ingredient each to enable them to give you some TLC in any target area's you may have. 

The red glow mask, is infused with red algae, to brighten and exfoliate the skin. I must admit, the smell of this mask is m least favourite, but is still pleasant. It's not enough to put anyone off. The texture is thick, creamy and beaded for exfoliation. We've all used really tough exfoliating mask before, but this is not one of them. It's super gentle on the skin. I have used this 3 times over the last week, according to the masks box, after a week "pores feel tighter, skin texture is refined" now I hate, if i don't have a mixture of good/bad things to say about a product.. but they're right! Plus, my under eye are is much brighter - it almost looks like i'm one of those people that get 10 hours sleep every day! 

This is the 1 that I had to order in, it is impossible to find on shelves! The black detox mask, is combined with charcoal, so it's really gonna draw out any impurities. In fact, L''oreal describe the charcoal as a "magnet" for your impurities.This masks gets right down, deep into your pores giving you a real thorougher cleanse. After, my skin looks fresher and it feels like my skin can really breath. Again, after a week, L'Oreal state that skin should feel fresher and more luminous - oh boy they are right again! I just feel super clean and fresh! I dare any black heads to appear on my t-zone now... 

Finally, we have the green purity mask. I feel like all face masks should be green, I don't know why... It's just the colour I picture in my head if someone says they've got a face mask on! The purity mask is infused with Eucalyptus - it smell's so good. This is perfect for mattifying the skin without completely drying it out, they've got the perfect balance down to a T! I can't get over how my mattified my skin is, when the mask itself is just so so creamy! Obviously, they say after a week skin will "look mattified, cleaner and softer" and obviously, they have hit the nail on the head. I'm definitely noticing a lot less shine! 

OK L'oreal Skin Experts, top marks -- obviously, I don't know the ins and outs of dreaming up and producing skin care products but you guys definitely do, and using these little pots of heaven you have put on the shelves makes my heart happy. My skin is in a great condition, and if i'm honest, it has never ever been this soft before. Especially just after I've taken the mask off... Oh. My. God, imagine running your hands through the fur of a kitten - my skin is 15 times softer then that! 

Please, I urge you guys to give these bad boy's a try - you are going to be soooo impressed!
If multi-masking isn't you're thing or you're looking to read up on a few other options, why not pop over and read about a different type of Seaweed Clay mask - here!

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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Who's in the know about Love, Libby?

Bonjour gorgeous, happy hump day. How crazy is it that it is already August, I feel like it was only Christmas 2015 about a week ago... At least I have an excuse to shop even more now though as this years presents aren't going to buy themselves! 

Lets think about something that is incredibly different for all of us... Who's in the know about your blog? Some people are incredibly open about theirs, others keep it a complete secret and some of us are even totally anonymous! Respect guys, when I first started out I wanted to remain "anonymous" but I found it exhausting! So, which basket do you sit in? 

I'm personally a bit of a mixed bag. On 1 hand, this blog is written under the name Libby. Funny story that, when I was doing the whole "must be anonymous and be the next gossip girl - yay xoxo" thing, I didn't even have a title and didn't want to use my real name, so I used Libby. Libby is what my nan called me when I was younger (mainly, I think, to piss off my parents!) that has always stuck, I don't hear it much today but every now and then she will call me Libby "by accident", I don't have an issue with it, we just grew out of it I guess! So, Nan, this whole blog really is for you! My name is very similar to Libby though, don't worry, it's not all been a total lie! So yeah, anyway, from this respect i'm in that list of "anonymous" bloggers... I do post the odd selfie here and there, but nothing that will leave you bored to tears. 

*Inserts shameless selfie*

Now... Who know's about Love, Libby? Well, really, this blog is not so much of a "secret" anymore. Some of my family members know, and a couple of my friend's. There are still a scary amount of people in my life that don't know, though. Not necessarily because its a top secret FBI case file, mainly because it's just never come up in conversation, literally! When Love, Libby was just a few posts old on an awful template I felt like my blog was not good enough to be shared with my personal life, but everyday my confidence is growing. With numbers going up each month and almost 400 of you beauty's following me on Bloglovin' I have come to realise I don't really have anything to hide, no one does! Blogging is all about being yourself and putting out what you want to put out. 

For my complete and utter obsession of all things makeup, yep, I know what Mac lipstick you're wearing just by looking at you...I have never had anyone to share this with. Sure, Becky with the good hair owns 3 lipsticks and Jess down the road know's how to apply her mascara with no clumps, but that wasn't good enough for me. I needed more. I needed somewhere to go on and on 'till blue in the face about 1 tiny little product, without people getting bored. Unfortunately, for me, but like many others, the only place to do that is online. Connecting with other like minded bloggers is so much fun, and much more interesting then just breaking an awkward silence with your friend using the sentence "Hey, so I write this blog I've never told you about hehehehehehe" for them to say "Oh right, cool" and the awkward silence return! 

I suppose I'm 50/50... Like, (I say like a lot), if someone found my blog, and asked about it, that's cool, they know about it. I'm just not willing to just blurt it out in conversations! For example, thanks to this lovely new Instagram update - In which, Instagram have clearly bumped their heads and decided they are now Snapchat - I can see that my work colleague has today viewed my "story" but not liked anything or followed me... That's fine. I'm not gonna say "why you on my blog though?" I'll just let it all pan out for itself. 

I do, purposely keep my blog & personal life very separate, I have separate Instagram accounts, Twitter accounts, the lot. That's not because I don't want people to know, though. That's just because I do this for me, not anyone else, and really, as long as I'm happy with it, I don't really care about what the girl I was best friends with at aged 15 really thinks about it. Plus the fact I have before been asked questions like "if you ever get some free stuff shall we split it"... No. Unfortunately a lot of "non bloggers" don't realise that nothing in life is free, even if you are a blogger. Yes, a company may have sent you something... However that doesn't mean you've got it for nothing. It can be incredibly time consuming testing the product a few times so you have a solid review, taking photo's you are happy with, writing a post you are happy with, promoting said posts and even sometime's doing so to meet a deadline. With blogging, you get out of it, what you put into it. All these blogs you see have not been personally designed to acquire free bits and bobs to share with your friends, they've been personally designed to give you that sense of accomplishment when you do finally finish that post you've been working your arse off to make perfect. Or the sense of value you feel when you see people enjoying what you've written, commenting on your posts and telling you that you have inspired them.  Yes, at times, bloggers are gifted some incredibly generous bits by PR companies, but it's like any job... I bet you'd get a free burger if you worked at McDonald's - wanna split it? Blogging, to me, is generally like having a second job - and that's coming from someone that posts as and when they can rather then scheduling! 

Your blog is what you make it, it really is. I guess that's why everyone's preferences are so different. I am a super nosy person though so I'm dying to know all about who does and doesn't know about your blog! Lets share stories! 

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