Friday, 1 December 2017

My Makeup Brush oval brush review AD*

As a makeup lover, it's no surprise that its not just cosmetics i'm obsessed with. As well as all of the eye shadow palettes in the land, I also need all of the beauty blenders, brushes and storage options I can get my hands on. If it's pretty, I need it. Earlier on this year the land of makeup brushed exploded with the hype of the oval brush taking the limelight. I don't always follow the other sheep in the flock, and I didn't feel like I needed to purchase them and stuck to my trusty Zoeva's. However when My Makeup Brush Set contacted me about a collaboration I was thrilled to find a set of oval brushes on my door step. 

*brushes did not want to stay in place for photo*

Included in the set: 

Concealer Brush

Lip Brush

Eyeliner Brush

Contour Brush

Blusher Brush

These brushes are beautiful and easy on the eye. They're sleek and sexy with rose gold hardware and black handles, housed in a smart black velvet pouch. They're strong and sturdy and my new favourite way of applying some aspects of my makeup. The concealer brush is by far my favourite! My dark circles are covered perfectly and evenly with minimum effort. The brush hairs are super soft and the perfect density to make each brush perfect in its own right. I did notice some shedding on the first and second use but since then the brushes have survived further makeup applications.

It took me a few tries to get used to actually using and holding these oval brushes, they're not the same as using a sponge or bog standard "shaped" straight brushes - obviously. It's been strangely odd getting used to how the brushes are curved. 

I found the small round lip brush wasn't for me, that may be just because I like using the applicators that come with a lipstick. I'm not one to buy a lipstick palette that requires a brush to apply, I either buy liquid lipsticks with an applicator or lipstick bullets. I see why it could work for some, but for me it wasn't a brush I need. I also found the eyeliner brush didn't work for me but that could just be the fact I suck at eyeliner and apparently, no brush or applicator will change that. 

The blusher brush is a great size and useful for other powders such as bronzers and maybe even highlighters as well. The contour brush is great - its blends product fabulously but is just a bit to small, it would be useful if it was a bit bigger. 


It's been great discovering a new type of makeup brush, although I'm not overly sold on the entire set, I do now have some brushes to add to my everyday makeup routine! My Makeup Brush Set are well worth a look into if you're on a budget and want to try a new way of applying your makeup!

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