Sunday, 1 May 2016

LA girl pro conceal... Powder or cream contour?

Bonjour, beauts', and if you're in the UK, happy Sunday! Enjoy your extra day off tomorrow and to celebrate the right way, why not sit up blogging till the early hours of the 
OK so this is a dilemma... A contour dilemma! Cream? or powder? Powder or cream? Cream or powder? I don't think there's a genuine "correct answer", its all personal preference, isn't it? 
Personally, I do both! When I first started to let contouring into my life, the thought of cream contour was a bit daunting, and the first time i did it?... Well I looked like a school bully had thrown me face down in a mud pile! It took me a while to realise that sometimes less is more and it doesn't take you a third of a tube to contour your face once...

And so, I switched to powder. I didn't wanna fall off the contour band waggon, but I needed something to make my life easier! I've used so many different brands, with different brushes and tools, until I found the right routine for me. Really, after a few days your contouring becomes part of your routine and you don't think twice about it. I guess its like trying anything new! Once I got my head around the hole powder contour thing, I thought nothing of it. Until about 4 weeks ago. I'm one of those people that impulse buys a lot and stocks up on products they don't need! Guilty! I had soooo many of these LA Girl concealers - I love a bargain from amazon! - So I ventured back to the realms of cream contour. Using the "less is more" mindset, I was happier with the out come but not sold.

So there I was, face contoured but heart sinking. So I reached for my most recent drug store buy. I was thinking, if I just powder over it I can get away with it... And so I did! I had the sharpest contour of my life. The creams were a perfect base and gave perfectly high coverage, allowing the powders to just add more definition and a sharper look. This Freedom palette comes with a brush which is the perfect quality so no need to buy a new one! And for cream contour I just blended with my trusty Beauty Blender! 

So remember girls - and or guys - if in doubt, do both... you may just love it! 


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