Sunday, 1 May 2016

The Balm - Nude 'Tude palette

Aloha, beauts. I feel like it's been about a year since I've posted and now that the English sun is shining and the birds are singing, I'm in a much better, positive place! For a few months we can stash away our winter coats and ugly fur cardigans and say yes to prettier clothes, attitudes and blog posts! I've missed the natural light of the beaming sun. Anyway, back to being nude... 

 Ta-dah! I give you, Nude 'Tude eyeshadow palette by The Balm. Now for some reason, I saw this in a YouTube video and was compelled to buy it. That being said, I also spent around £30 on it and a week later discovered it in TKMAXX for £15. Just my luck. Ok so the balm are pretty much the top end of the hole "drugstore"/"highstreet" side of things. Their collection isn't toooooo pricey, but in some cases, like with this palette, I would say it's over priced. Does that even make sense?!  

The palette itself is nude toned. It's a cardboard palette but it's very sturdy and does boast a huge full length (almost) mirror which is great for convinience. As well as a quality mirror the palette holds 12 different, unique eye shadows with a range of matte and shimmers to give you a variety of tequnices to try out. Each shadows names quirkily begins with an "S" giving the balm a leg up on the clever horse. *note - the darker colours can go EVERYWHERE and the hole end of mine has got a bit grubby as a result of this* 
The Balm are always coming out with quirky, sassy names and designs of products making them different from everyone else. For example, the subject of this palette is naked women, each shadow covering up their "parts"... Quite clever really! I know they also do a males equivalent with different colours - not a palette for males! Just a different palette with men's bodies rather then women's! 
The colours are OK - a bit meh! Some of them are very similar and some just come out like a bit of a mess. On my hand they show quite good pigmentation... It's a different story on my eyelids. Yes the colour pay off isn't the worst, but you need to build up these colours. And what comes with colour building? Shadow fall out! What comes with shadow fall out? Mess! Do your eye makeup first to avoid ruining your hole face!  

They blend OK - but I've used better. Too Faced shadows particually blend much better and are about £3 cheaper I think! However you don't get as many colours. Sassy and Stand-offish are my 2 favourite shades and I use them mainly in the tear duct area or the inner third. The other colours are nice but I just don't use them very much.
Although it's a nice piece to have in my collection... I can't rave about it, or the price of it. Like if my friend had it, I wouldn't pop it in my bag while she went to the loo in hopes she didn't notice... I'd probably just go home and binge buy on the Too Faced site instead
Don't get me wrong I love The Balm! But this palette just didn't grab me by the hair and scream in my face. Most things grow on me but only time will tell with this one!
How do you feel about the Nude 'Tude palette?! What products by The Balm do you rate most?! XOXO

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