Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Proucts I regret buying

One of the downsides of having a large, growing makeup collection is not being able to use it all at once. The other downside, is discovering products that just weren't worth the pounds you paid or the place in your collection. I could sit here and write a 100,000 word post about every product I've been disappointed in but we'd all fall asleep, so let's whittle it down..
Mac Freshsen Up highlight from the Wash Dry Collection. Ugh. Now don't get me wrong, the packaging is beautiful, the look of the product is beautiful... Was it worth over £20? No. When Mac release a new collection, the website melts down and makeup lovers all over the UK fall into a frenzy of depression over the fact they couldn't pick up the bits they wanted seeing as it all sold out in 4 minutes. In my opinion, this was not worth all the stress it took to get. I've mainly kept this in my collection for its appearance. I've heard people rave about this. I've heard people say it's more of a blush then a highlight. Am I doing something wrong? Weather I swipe my brush over all 3 colours or I just focus on 1, I literally just can't see it. There is no pay off at all. When swatched on my finger it's lovely, on my face it's invisible. This is no longer available to buy anymore, normally when a collection sells out its gone forever. But if you use any shopping apps like Depop, I can garuntee you'll find one there.  Am I the only one that didn't get on with it?! 
Stilla Moonstone lipgloss and Coconut Crush lip/cheek tint. Maybe this is just my opinions... I hate lipgloss. Until a few weeks ago is not used a lipgloss in about 10 years, when I saw this I thought it was to pretty not to buy and couldn't give myself a reason not to. Once I got home for some experimentation... I remembered why. Their just soooooo sticky. I felt like I was smearing a prit stick glue onto my lips. I thought, ah it will get better it will get dry-er soon and il be left with a nice glossy smooth finish! No. Even after 2 hours I couldn't open and close my mouth without my lips sticking together. Do. Not. Bother! As for the lip and cheek tint... I have never actually used it! The colour is a vile deep copper... But not the pretty kind. No one could pull it off on their lips or their cheeks! Luckily I found these in TK MAXX and didn't pay the full price for them. But I don't think il ever be experimenting in the Stilla lip department again. Ever. 
Lush Ylang Song bath bomb. Ah, this saddens me. I am a big "lushie". If I let it, my life would revolve around lush. Imagine... What comes with a Lush addiction, is a Lush Kitchen addiction. The Kitchen is a part of the lush website that makes a number of limited edition products Monday-Friday. Everyday is different and once it's gone it's gone. The fight for goodies can be tough sometimes seeing as there's no kitchen in the USA so a lot of people in other countries stay up to try and bag the limited edition bits as well, well done Lush, we're all in the palm of your hands. I don't always buy in to the hole limited bath bomb thing but when I saw this on the menu last year, I needed it. Appearance wise, it's a pretty bomb filled with Ylang Ylang and flower petals. What I didn't expect... Was the colour that came out of it. Now I love a colourful bath. But Ylang Song produces a green bath. Not any green. A bright coloured bogey green that makes you feel like you're laying in elf urine - probably not the prettiest mental image, but I try to do honest reviews! Once the bomb stopped fizzing I could smell nothing and was just left with a tub of green water and 3 petals... Stupid me for taking a risk and buying a new product. Unfortunately for such a disappointing finish, this was not worth around £4 and £3.50 delivery... And I bought 2! I'm putting off using the other one. Have you had any Lush disasters? 
For now, last but not least... Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. *lets not discuss my then scabby nails in this photo* this product was raved about by blogger after blogger and more Youtubers then I can count and I just don't get it. I have pretty pale skin and mine is in the shade 010 Ivory. I'm sorry but I've applied my makeup the same way in years. I tend to go a shade darker on foundation as I know I use the lightest concealer to give my skin a lift in all the right places. This just didn't tickle my pickle. To keep it short and sweet, it creased, it didn't lift and to be honest, you could hardly even tell I was wearing it. Don't bother, just stick to the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer instead... It's much cheaper to!

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  1. The packaging of that MAC highlighter is really stunning! Too bad the product inside is so lackluster though.
    Oh and too bad about the Rimmel concealer. I've heard good things and I was planning on trying it. I found the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer to be rather dry and accentuated fine lines.
    Hmm recent regret was the Becca Ombre Rouge palette. It just wasn't as amazing as I kept reading about online!

  2. I know, right! I am a sucker for packaging as well! No way! I love the Lasting Perfection, BUT!!! The last two weeks or so I must admit I feel I've outgrown my relationship with it or something, it's not what it used to be for me!

    Oh dear! I've never bought anything Becca, I'd love to try Champagne Pop but always hear such mixed reviews!


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