Hello, beaut! Welcome to love, Libby. Once upon a time, about 4-5 years ago I did the whole Tumblr blog thing! It was very enjoyable and thenextbestthingxo was a huge hit. Unfotunatley, I decided to close it when life, friends and relationships began to consume all my time! So, many years on, whilst deciding I needed to do something with my spare time I decided to return to the blogosphere! And so, love, Libby, was born! Although, keep in mind, Libby is just a nickname! 

I am your average 23 year old girl that has grown up in Hertforshire. Hertforshire? Its a gloomy, cloudy county in England, where i spend most of my days wishing for sunshine whilst stroking my cat, Zeberdee. Yep, I have a cat named Zeberdee. I like to go to new places, drink new drinks and buy lots of beauty products, even though I physically can't use any more then I already do! I am the girl with perfect friends, but none of them share my passion for makeup. They dabble, sure, but no one has the same payday complulsion that I do; to stock up on the latest Too Faced palette or the newest Nyx ombre blush's. Let me bore you on my tiny space of the world wide web with ramblings about eye shadow palettes & matte lipsticks. 

I like; nude lipstick, bright concealer, long hot baths, summer sunshine, Too Faced, freshly cut grass, Nutella, trainers, cocktails, sandy beaches, yankee candles, large handbags, big purses, the Library of Fragrance, diet coke, knowing I have a full tank of petrol, Too Faced, my cute little peaugeot 207, the colour pink, pandora charm bracelets, trying new products, statement necklaces, Too Facedsleeping on my tummy, TV boxsets, a good face mask, eye glitter, winged liner, the smell of a freshly cleaned floor(?!), long drives, road trips, holidays and city breaks!

What are your favourite things? Please feel free to contact me via social media, using the buttons on the side bar! I love communicating with readers on different platforms:)


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