Monday, 9 May 2016

Theres always time for Yoga

Downward facing dog? Tree pose? Happy baby pose? If you're looking for my top 3 yoga poses to meditate and relax myself... you're in the wrong place! in fact, this post is all about one of my new favourite bath bombs, Yoga Bomb!

 Aha Yoga Bomb a treasure from the lush kitchen I discovered by mistake! I recieved a smashed Golden Slumbers in a kitchen order and recieved this as a sorry! Lush customer care are amazing! For those new to lush, or just not looking to venture into the "Kitchen" just yet... The Lush Kitchen is a unique market, hosted through the Lush UK & Japan websites (Or visit Lush, Oxford Street for a real life experience!). They produce a limited amount of limited edition or discontinued products, each week. Mondays they may make 3 old gems, Tuesdays they may release 2 more and so on... But once they're gone, they're gone!
*not my photo*

 At first glance the yoga bomb is a plain, boring, orange bomb which gives woft after woft of citrus scents. In conclusion, it seems average. I’d h we’d everyone on the internet bang on about these but I didn’t undestand why! When I recieved it in the post, in a sea of packaging peanuts I wasn’t compelled to use it straight away either. About a week later I just picked it up whilst the taps were running as it was the closest one to me!
Oh. My. God. I imagined a tangerine orange coloured bath with a nice-ish smell, how silly of me. Hidden under the layer of orange is a universe of pastel colours waiting to show you the dance they’ve been practising for weeks.
*not my photo*

 Yoga bomb fizzes around the tub for about 10 minutes – bring popcorn to the bathroom! And will leave you’re bath a sea of mystical, soothing and quite frankly, pleasing colours. The scent is so strong and you’ll be smelling like a fresh citrus fruit basket for the next few hours!

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  1. I've yet to try Yoga but you make me want to go and buy it right away! It looks so good and Lush kitchen sounds amazing! x


  2. The Lush Kitchen IS amazing!! I've lost many a penny to it over the last few months especially!!! x


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