Monday, 27 February 2017

Create Perfect Curls With John Freida Frizz Ease Range!*

If there's 1 thing that goes in and out of style more often then I have hot dinners, its our hair. From how its styled to the colours we dye it, it is an ever-changing part of life that most of us love to keep up with. We've had the dip dye phase, the balayage phase, the block fringe phase, the structured bob phase, the Blair Waldorf headband phase and the undercut phase to name a few.  I know some people still have these hair styles, but in the past a few have been more hyped then others by everyone and their mothers. So when Zoella discovered her chopstick curler in late 2016, everyone needed curls springy enough to send you to space.

When my hair is in its natural state, it's curly. Just like Zoe's, but messier. My hair is in tight-ish ringlets that look like they've not been brushed in about 3 days. People have always said things like "omg i'd love curly hair", no darling, you probably wouldn't. Because that hair that looks like its not been brushed in 3 days, probably hasn't because...

*Image taken from google.

So yeah, anyway... Even when you have curly hair, you want curly hair - it's one of life's biggest struggles, because to achieve said curly hair, you need to go through the struggle of having straight hair first. And something else that comes with curly hair? Frizzy hair. frizzy hair that sticks out in all directions no matter how long you hold a straightening iron on them. Finally, I've found the perfect products that genuinely do beat the frizz and enable my hair to hold its style through the day. So this, chums, is how I plan to do my hair for the rest of my life *inserts crying/laughing emoji*

Step 1 - In the shower, in the bath, over the tub, however you want too, pick up that amazingly coloured tube of John Freida Forever Smooth Frizz Ease Shampoo you picked up after my amazing not so professional photo's inspired you to buy and squirt that magical angel lotion into your hand. Like with any shampoo, simply run it through your hair and massage until you lather that baby up & feel like a bubbly goddess, preferably while singing Abba as loud as possible.

Step 2 - Next up, its time for another tube of angel tears. The John Freida Forever Smooth Frizz Ease Conditioner, my favourite step. Depending on how much shampoo you used, I'd say use half that much in conditioner. Run this through your hair as well from root to tip (no not just the ends). Now, wait a few minutes for the magic to begin to happen. Before I wash my conditioner out, I usually brush my hair through to make sure there's no tangles and the product is evenly distributed. Whatever you've done, brushed your hair, shaved your legs or cleaned your teeth, now you need to wash the conditioner out and get yo' butt out that bathroom. 

Step 3 - Starting with your hair soaking wet (much like in the above photo), its time to use the John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum. Now, the bottle advises using 1 pump - but I use 3. It does advise you to use 1 pump then more if you need to, but I squirted the first 1 pump and felt like there was nothing in my hand so I improvised, and luckily it worked for me. Pump into your hand then rub your hands together so you know you're getting an even amount of product on both hands. Next run your fingers/hands through you're hair (avoiding your roots), and you're ready to style. 

Step 4 - Time to get poker straight. After completely blow drying, I personally use the Remington Keratin Radiance Straightener - I have always been a big Remington fan, they don't break the bank and do a perfect job. I do however feel its about time I explored a different brand. Anyway... I straighten my hair in layers to ensure there's no hidden kinks or balls of frizz lurking anywhere that will later bite me on the bum. 

Step 5 - Time to get curling. I use the BaByliss Ceramic Curling Wand Pro - the barrel size goes from thin to thick so its great for creating different looks. Today I went for the mid curls. Again I do this in layers to create bouncy curls all the way through. So splitting my hair into layers again, wrap my hair around the wand and I hold each curl for around 20 seconds before letting it drop. 

There you are - lovely curled hair that is going to last you all day. My hair feels like silk ribbons, smells great and looks the healthiest it has in a long time. In the above no make up selfies you can tell the difference between leaving the curls as they are and brushing them out for a more wavy effect. We all prefer different styles... Whatever style you feel like going with today, weather it be the curls, the waves or even just keeping your hair straight, John Frieda is on hand to cover your back. I've found that my hair stays in place all day (well at least for the 14 hour shift I did at work). I don't need to worry about my fringe pointing in the wrong direction or someone wanting to take a selfie to find my hair portraying me as a mad scientist. Without sounding dramatic, the Frizz Ease range may have just changed both my life and hair care routine forever.

* A huge thank you to John Freida for sending me out these amazing products to discover! I can't imagine myself using anything else, ever again! I'm really impressed, and so's my mum (lol)! Don't forget to follow @JohnFriedaUK on twitter to find out even more!*

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

So...? Fragrance Body Mist Review*

Gone are the days that we rely on our Charlie Red or Versace Red Jeans cheap but sweet perfumes. Sure, i'm sure some people still use/own them, but unfortunately, we are currently living in the day and age in which a bottle of your favourite perfume can cost you anything in the region of £80-£100! Luckily, So...? have released an alternative that you are going to love, and isn't going to break your bank.

Going back 10 years or so, So...? was the You couldn't turn a corner or walk down a corridor at school without almost choking on the thick cloud of So...? Kiss Me that Sadie had just sprayed, which everyone kept in their inside blazer pocket. The body spray obviously, we weren't classy enough to bring the Eau De Toilette to school. It was every school girls best friend after PE and every school child's life saver on sweaty summer days spent in hot IT classrooms. I remember 1 year, my Christmas list read "So Kiss Me body spray but other flavours", yeah, I called them flavours. So...? Sinful was my fave, and I was the odd one out at 1 point for opting for that over Kiss Me. I'm also 90% sure there was a So...? body spray in a turquoise-blue coloured can which smelt good, but for the life of me can't remember it nor find any trace of it on the internet - did that exist? Or am I making it up? Anyway...

Where to buy: Boots  Superdrug

Fast forward to 2017 and that teen hit brand So...? are still doing things and they've grown up, just like us! I was quite shocked to notice that the So...? Body Spray's are still on the shelves in Boots last year. Shocked, but glad, that they've pulled through. So when I discovered they'd released brand new body mist's, I was pretty shook. 

The body mists are completely different to the body sprays. They're packaged in clear plastic bottles decorated with a graphic to match the scent and the pretty and classic So...? logo. Each bottle contains 100ml of product which all smell #amazeballs. Is amazeballs still a thing? Am I still trendy? The clear and pretty graphic makes each bottle really easy to identify and means there's no faffing about trying to find your favourite. They're bright, vibrant and pleasing to the eye. 

With 6 scents available, there really is something for everyone, the body mists are avaialble in:
Rose Petals
♥White Petals
Pink Grapefruit 

My favourite? I can't decide between the Vanilla and the Watermelon (no surprise really, I'd own watermelon everything if I could). Each of them is great, but everyone always has a favourite (or 2)! Personally, I think the scent's last *most* of the day. However, I do sometimes need to remember that a body mist will never have the staying power that the latest YSL perfume has, and that's okay! These bottles are so cute you can pop them into any handbag to top up if you're not feeling fresh enough! I also find them great to spray on my bed pillows and around the room if i'm just on my way out. Nothing smells better then a watermelon smelling pillow after a long day. 

Overall? I'm impressed! So...? have grown so much as a brand since my changing room days and I'm glad I've re-discovered them! You can pick these bad boy's up in your local Superdrug for just £3.99 each - I don't think that's a particularly outrageous price for so much product that is going to last you a good while! They're also available in Boots - if you're quick you'll get them for half price! 

A huge thank you to everyone at So...? Fragrance and the team behind @BloggingGals for hooking me up with the whole So...? Body Mist range! I'm really impressed, and I think these are going to really compliment everyone this Summer! Don't forget to follow Blogging Gals & So...? to find out even more! 

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Mac Dusky Rose x9 Eye Shadow Palette | Review & Swatches

It's no secret - I don't think (?). I like eye shadow. More like, I'm quite into the eye shadow scene. If I won the lottery, I'd buy every palette on the shelves before anything else. From post's like this one, it's no secret that i'm also a big Mac Cosmetics fan. So when I unwrapped a gift on Christmas day that turned out to be both from Mac, and an eye shadow palette, I couldn't wait to give it a review...

Easy on the eye - I mean come on, it looks soooooooooo pretty - this palette is not all you'd expect. The Dusky Rose x9 palette is a premade palette that retails at £25. Not a bad price tag for a "high quality" palette that you should be able to make multiple looks with. The outer box is classic Mac, sleek black cardboard with white lettering - unless limited edition - you wouldn't expect anything more. The palette itself is plastic packaging, with a clear pull up lid featuring the classic Mac logo, very simple but does the trick.

I wish I could tell you that with all these colours combined, this was the palette of dreams. Unfortunately, I can't. This is quite possibly the worst palette to ever live in my collection. The shadows are very chalky and the pigmentation... to say it's terrible is the understatement of the year. I hate writing negative posts, but when reviewing a product I do have to remind myself that not all produts are going to be something to rave about. I'm really not bashing Mac, in general I love their products. I probably always will. However, after hearing such good things about the palettes you can make yourself with their single shadows, I don't know how they've gone so wrong with their pre-made ones. You physically can not use this palette to create a look. I actually compared it to a Primark pre-made x9 palette and they were pretty much on par. 

I could sit here and talk about every shade and how I like it, like I have here, but I genuinely don't think it's worth my time. When buying a "high end" palette, you expect much much better colour pay off then this. I know that all products need to be tweaked here and there for them to be the best of the best but these have been out a while now and Mac clearly just don't care. Maybe they don't sell enough of them to notice, maybe its on a to-do list or maybe they just don't care, either way, the formula of this is a complete disaster. For the first time in a while, I do not recommend you buying this.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay Mask | Face Mask Friday #1

This so, nearly, went up late... But that wouldn't be like me at all, would it?

When I think of The Body Shop, the first thing I think of is the array of scents that great your nostrils as you walk through the door. That, and the thought of "what do I look at first?". Always greeted by a friendly face, no matter what they say to me, I'll always find myself in 1 of 2 places. Either at the face masks or at the body butters. What better way to kick off the Face Mask Friday series with one of my all time favorites from The Body Shop 

Where to buy: The Body Shop

The one i'm talking about in particular is their Seaweed Oil Balancing Clay mask. Designed for oil balancing (my t-zone can be awful!) this fresh feeling mask will make you're skin feel and look as soft as a babies booty. The tub its housed in is sturdy but smart. A simple blue pot, white label and black lid. They knew they didn't need to do anything fancy with this! At just £10 a pop for 100g/ml of product, I do feel its great value and won't break your bank! Before my face mask collection started growing, I was using this at least twice a week and a pot normally lasted me around 2 months. That's a simple £5 a month - not a lot if you ask me! 

This is one of my all time favorite body shop products. A staple of my skin care. As well as balancing my oil fueled t-zone, this mask will battle with you're spots and blemishes, revitalize dry and dull patches and leave you feeling fresh as a daisy. Now when I first picked up this mid-sized pot, I wasn't sold. I wasn't that sold by its appearance either. However, all it took to change my mind was that first use, it was like fireworks went off in my head. I just felt, so... Fresh. I'm now on pot number 3! Rest assured... A little goes a long way, don't waste it! Are you looking for a good cleanse that isn't going to leave you feeling too tight? Then this is for you. I wish I could bath in this and use it 24/7, but that would be a waste! If you find The Body Shop a little pricey, and this one pot will set you back £10. However, I tend to find that using their app and being on their mailing list has always meant I've got at least 1 promo code to use, every order I make. 

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