Tuesday, 28 June 2016

3 Revlon lipsticks you should add to your collection

Ciao, beaut's! I feel like I haven't put a new post out there in a while, unfortunately my work schedule has got super hectic as of late and I'm finding myself working 50-60 hour weeks. As well as working, sleeping, eating and being in a relationship, time management is tough and unfortunately this means I have had to take a step back from both my blog and social life *it's not forever, think of pay day*. So here is a new post, and hopefully a fresh start. I will be scheduling posts from now on to ensure I never fall this far behind again and I don't let you, as a reader, down. Thank you all for continuing to support Love, Libby even through quieter times, I would be nothing without each and every one of you. 
I've never been 1 to tell fibs, so I won't pretend that I own 2 lipsticks and that my collection done with. No. Just no. I do in fact have a bit of a collection going and whilst rummaging through my draws a few days ago I stumbled on 3 little hot spices that I totally forgot I had. Now Jane, you're not about to see beautiful un-swatched lipsticks, you will see my own lipsticks from my own collection though, and thats better then the odd photo from google, right? Right. 

Where to buy: Boots | Superdrug 
These little gems are from the Super Lustrous range by Revlon and they are literally a delight to work with, Now, I know, in the photo, the lipstick's themselves look quite similar, they're not though, I promise! Usually, I love a matte lip, but here I have 2 Pearl finishes and only 1 matte... I assume the pearl thing must have been a phase as this is not the kind of finish I'd usually go with at all. 
Each lipstick is in a black bullet, with gold detailing and the brand name again in black. Its simple, its sleek and it works. Each colour has a lovely name, literally so sweet - I'll get to that in a minute. However, the different finishes seem to have different designs, which was quite annoying when it came to taking photo's... Not so blogger friendly! Oh well, lets talk shades & formula. The formula is very different to the Colorstay Moisture Stain's that I reviewed, you can find those by clicking here!

Again, the shades look pretty similar, but I promise they're not! I also thought I was going to be realy clever and match the shades to the swatches in the top and bottom photo's... Well that didn't really work out now did it? Ugh. OK - lets start with the firs 1. 

Really Red - I won't lie, this is your average, perfect red lipstick. Saying that though, if you love a red lip, you'll know this is just a perfect shade at that. I do find the formula can dry quite patchy, reminding me of a liquid lipstick, so you may need 2 coats of it. Really red is a lot brighter then its colour sticker and is a matte finish, not the mattest i've tried, but it does dry matte. The perfect summer red to pop in your bag for mid-day touch ups! 

Wine with Everything - this deep pink is gorgeous. Plus. "Wine with Everything", could Revlon have possibly thought of a better name? I think not. I like wine... This pearl finish is a lovely glossy shade which reflects beautifully in natural light leaving your lips glistening. The pearl finish is also great at leaving my lips feeling hydrated and fresh. You could probably pop this on top of Really Red to mix to 2 together, for a more red toned lip with a bit of shine. The formaula of this is really strong, and 1 coat should be enough to last a few hours! - I always find if a product isn't matte, it won't always last very long so you may need to re-apply through the day. 

Sosilver Rose - Again, I looooove this name! Its so sweet. This colour is very similar to Wine with Everything, but is a touch lighter in shade and doesn't stand out as much. Again, its pearl finish means my lips never feel dry or worn down. It's formula is lovely, its super creamy and the colour pay off and pigmentation are to die for. 

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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Great Balls of Bicarb | Lush

Across the world, Lush has taken over our bathrooms, toilets, handbags & bank balances. Being in the UK, the struggle is real... We have the advantage of the Lush Kitchen & exclusive Lush Oxford Street bits to. Lush Oxford Street? It's heaven, 3 floors of all you can buy bath bombs, shower gels, solid shampoo's etc, and some of their pieces are exclusive, not even available online. You must go, I mean come on, it has 3 FLOORS!!!! Anyway... If I wrote you a blog post on my "Lush collection", no one would make it to the end, so let me just talk about this sweet gift I received for my birthday instead...
 purposely didn't ask for anything Lush as I have soooo much I've collected but there’s nothing wrong with receiving more, unexpectedly! The Great Balls of Bicarb gift set is a pink tube that contains nothing more then… Balls of Bicarb. BATH BOMBS, come at me. As mentioned before there’s nothing I love more then a nice relaxing bath! And why not do it with a few of lush’ best sellers? This gift set included 5 bombs… 5 baths/hours of relaxation. 
Sexbomb – a pink/purple bomb designed to boost your mood, and aparently… Help you get in the mood! Don’t take my word on that though, I’ve not noticed that effect! Perfect for unwinding after a long day with the hearty helping of Jasmine inside it, helping you to chill out! 

Honey Bee – this is a bomb I’ve never tried! But the tin reads “take the sting out of the day with soothing honey, aloe and naturally cleansing rhassoul mud”. Sounds good, smells good and hopefully will leave my skin feeling good! 
Blackberry – ah, I love a good fruity bath bomb, and this is a classic! Fill your bath with a deep purple colour scheme to give you a clear frame of mind and super soft skin! 
Dragons Egg – a bomb that’s garunteed to turn any gloomy day upside down on its head! Don’t be deceived by the white outer layer, be prepared to watch this fizz around your bath and change the water colour! This is great for “bath art” pictures… I know, I’m like a sad child! 

Avobath – in my life, if it’s avocado, I enjoy it. It’s a winner all round, your skin will drink it up, you’ll feel fresh and you’ll wonder why you’ve never picked up one of these bad boys before! 
For me, lush is highly addictive. I no longer let myself go in-store, in fear of how much I'll spend in that one trip. Literally. Many an evening I’ve spent online adding to my basket, checking out to find I’ve mentally spent £300 and then wiping away my tears while emptying my basket. Why not try this beautiful gift tube today? If you’re like me and can’t go in to their beautifully smelling stores anymore, check them out online here! For only £21.50… You know you want to! 
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

25 facts about me tag

What is your middle name? Vikkie... Oddly spelt, Vikkie.
What was your favourite subject at school? Maths and Food Technology.... Mmm, food.
What is your favourite drink? I'm a smoothie nut, but that's to complicated. Let's talk Diet Coke, I am obsessed.
What is your favourite song at the moment? If I'm honest. I don't get the whole favourite song thing.. If it sounds good then... Cool?
What is your favourite food? Mmmm food. ERM... how can I pick one? I guess it would have to be a good old jacket potato with tuna mayonaise😍
What's the last thing you bought? Here's a boring answer... Petrol.
Favourite book of all time? If I'm honest, I don't have one. I am the worlds worst and slowest reader.
Favourite colour? Purple... But not lilac!
Do you have any pets? I have two cats, brother and sister, named Layla and Zeberdee. Yep, my cat is named Zeberdee! 
Favourite perfume? Jimmy Choo - Flash
Favourite holiday? I don't know how to take this question... Calender wise, Christmas!!!! Summer holiday wise, Rhodes, Greece.
Are you married? Not yet! In my opinion I'm still a bit young... I'd like to be engaged though:)
Have you ever been out of the country? If so how many times? 17 times😳
Do you speak any other language? I can speak German
How many siblings do you have? I have 1 brother, 2 years younger then me. He is "the golden child" haha!
What is your favourite shop? Sephora, of course... Plus Lush, River Island and a few small independent ones near where I live😊
Favourite restaurant? Chiquitos... Feed me Mexican food all day errrrrrrry day. Please?
When was the last time you cried? I don't actually remember, I'm not big on the waterworks side of things.
Favourite blog? How can I pick just one?
Favourite movie? Of all time? Dirty Dancing. I don't know why, it's just amazing.
Favourite TV show? Let's just say I've watched the whole of gossip girl 6 times!
PC or Mac? PC! I'd be lost on a Mac
What phone do you have? An iPhone 6s in rose gold:)
How tall are you? 5 ft 4(?)
Can you cook? Yes! Thanks god - I cook most nights but specialise in curry!

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Wednesday, 15 June 2016


We all know what it is, we all love it. Snapchat has boomed over the last few years and has become damn right addictive at times. It's not all matte's and shimmers in the beauty world you know. Why not follow me using the username lovelibbyx to see what I get up to behind the scenes of the blog and for a peak at the rest of my sadly dented makeup! 

See you there, gorgeous.

5 tips for growing your beauty collection on a budget

The beauty of the cosmetics industry is simple; there's something for everyone. Weather you've got £1, £5, £20 or £50 in the bank, there's something out there for you. Weather you make 80p or £80,000 a year, there should be nothing stopping you from indulging in a good splurge on a product you've been eyeing up for 6 months. Now I personally, love a good beauty dupe. However, I also love to indulge in the original product as well. Really, building your collection is simple, if you think about it logically! 

1. Make a wish list - I am a big list maker, I know its "not good for you", but nor is smoking & drinking but we still do those things... Anyway. Make a list. Write down what you're after! Try and give it some kind of order so you know what is & isn't priority. Whilst writing this list you'll probably realise that a lot of things you "want", you won't need, as you'll have something similar already on your list. You can always add items as you tick past ones off. 

2. You don't need to buy everything on your wishlist, all at once - Whats your rush babes? I know how it is, we see people all over the internet with 50 mac lipsticks & 10 shades of Georgio Armani foundations in their video backgrounds, we get jealous. Please remember, all of these products did not just appear at their door 1 day, and a lot of them could well be sent as PR gifts. If you write your list and then buy the entirety of it, you will probably skint yourself. I know that you want every single Kylie Lipkit, but you don't want to eat plain rice for dinner everyday for 29 days do you now Jenny? No. Pace yourself, unless limited edition, if you're out shopping on payday, most products will still be there next pay day. There's nothing wrong with being sensible about your money management. 

3. Set yourself a budget - Easier said then done, I know. I don't know how much you earn, and I'm not about to sit here and tell you how much I earn either, but whatever it is, budget. For example: If you've just been paid £1200 for the month, pay your bills, get your priorities right and set yourself a limit. If you've got £100/£200/£800 left after your expenses tell yourself you have, I don't know, £55 to spend on makeup that month. Look at your list! That £50 could buy you a Too Faced palette & a Mac lip liner, or it could buy you every shade of the new L'oreal lipstick collection, high end or high street - live within your means. And if you have a couple quid left over - eat some chocolate, all girls like chocolate. Or just save it so you've got a bit more to spend next month. 

4. You don't have to buy from companies directly -  We all know how expensive the Too Faced website can be and I'm sure many of us have been stung by the Kiko "£25 minimum online spend" rule. If you don't have time to go to a high street store, shop around, online. There's nothing wrong with even using sites like ebay & Depop. Some sellers sell brand new items, others sell things they've tried once and didn't get along with. Hell, some sellers will even try & sell there broken powders. Each to their own. Either way, I can guarantee that 95% of the time you're going to find what you're looking for, at a sale price. If sites like this aren't your thing, just wait on Superdrug & Boots to have a weekend deal, its always worth waiting for. Can you really go wrong with a 3 for 2 on all beauty products & accessories? I can't. 

5. Your birthday & Christmas are never that far away - If you don't celebrate Christmas, I'm sure this rule will still apply to any different holidays you do celebrate. I hate the "what do you want for Christmas" question that I get asked by 15 different family members on the 1st of December. Luckily for us, we all just use the Amazon Wishlist service. But hey! You know that Chocolate Soleil bronzer by Too Faced you've been eyeing up? That bronzer you just couldn't bring yourself to spend £23 on this month, well I'm sure if you ask nicely, Aunty Julie will look into buying you it for Christmas instead! There's such a market out there and the price range varies so much, there's nothing wrong with asking for the products you need but just can't afford. Then you'll just have to wait 'till the big day to see who actually listened! 

Be sure to let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see more products like this, and don't forget to treat yo'self now and then! If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 

Friday, 10 June 2016

The Beauty Blogger tag | questions & answers

If you had to pick, would you choose to only use high street products or luxury products? Aha! Now I am a girl with expensive taste, however if I could only pick 1 or the other, I'd probably choose high street. We all love the odd splurge and knowing that we have those high end gems but don't forget... there are so many high street dupes these days and quite often - no one can tell the difference.
What do you think makes a unique beauty blog worth reading? The world we live in today, evolves on a daily basis. There is a beauty blogger on most corners. It may sound cliché but girls (and guys), just be yourself! For some this is easier said then done. But hey, if you use a product and think "omg I look like my 5 year old self has put this on my face", you shout it from the rooftops and let a sister know! We all love having followers and communicating with each other, but at the end of the day, its your blog. Write how you feel!
On a desert island (because we’ll all be on a desert island at some point), what three beauty products would you take with you? Toughy. OK. Here's my 3 simple boring choices... Mascara... If you're going to be on a desert island, at least make sure your lashes are lengthened and volumised enough to ensure the helicopter - that Id assume is looking for you - can spot them. Or if you've chosen to live on said desert island - just coat your lashes so you don't look naked! Secondly, brightening concealer. I am lazy... what if I'm on said island and cant sleep? I'll get bags! What if I am on said island looking for other people? (forever obsessed with lost), I wanna look awake and ready to seize the day incase I run in to someone! And lastly... Is this really a beauty product? Id just take a micellar water. My reasons? Well if a helicopter does come to my rescue, or I do meet other folks wondering this island, I need to look and feel fresh. Who wants to make new friends with 10 layers of mascara and 5 days worth of concealer on their face? I'd get spotty...
Does the customer service at beauty counters affect your buying habits? If so, how? I find this one tough as well. I have a super busy, round the clock job so most of my shopping is done online. Sometimes I'm just to tired to deal with the thought of verbally communicating with other human beings. However I have had 2 or 3 encounters where the staff have been a bit rushed and rude - clearly wanting their lunch break although im sure they wouldn't have wasted away, staying on shift for an extra 2.3 minutes - and it resulted in me not making purchases, so I guess, yes it does. Manners don't cost a penny, kids!
What is your favourite underrated brand? This post is harder to write then I thought! OK so this probably isn't so "underrated" to us beauty bloggers, but If I asked my friends when they last ordered from makeup geek - I bet you £$1000 half of them would look at me unsure weather or not I was trying to be silly. Makeup Geek, Makeup Geek, Makeup Geek - I love you. Their shadows are crazy, they produce every colour under the rainbow and the pigmentation is unreal... Plus, they're dead cheap. Maybe its because they're not in stores, I'm not sure, but they don't get the praise they deserve. I'm also a big lover of Elf.
What do you think is the ultimate way to apply foundation? The problem with me is I go through stages... 1 week I'll use a beauty blender, the next a foundation brush, a buffing brush, a RT sponge. Heck, if I'm not leaving the house sometimes I'll just smear it in with my fingers! OK, I suppose if I had to choose 1 way to apply foundation for the rest of my life, Id choose the beauty blender... I just look so airbrushed, like the flawless princess I truly am...
What is your favourite make up/skincare/hair care and fragrance product? OK, leggo. What is my favoutie makeup range? seriously? I have to pick 1? Im a lover of both luxury and drugstore but I guess id have to go Mac. *casually contradicts answer to first question* I know, there's dupes... but a lot of my makeup library is Mac. Skincare and hair care I can pair up.. L.U.S.H - or bodyshop. It all smells sooo good and works wonders, often my entire bod is as smooth as a babys bum. Fragrance? What is my favourite perfume? I could list a few but I love Flash by Jimmy Choo 0r anything Emporio Armani.
Do a company’s ethical standards affect your buying habits? If so, how? I like to know what I'm using so I guess they do. However... I'll be honest, I'm not 10000000% bothered, yes I am more likely to go with a brand with better standards. But if I found out I had something with awful standards at home but I loved it... I'd probably use it up, I bet most of us would.
How often would you say you follow trends when it comes to make up looks (as opposed to finding your own inspiration and doing your own thing)? Is there really such thing as a makeup trend? 5 women in a row could all wear nude eyes and pink lippy but I can bet you $£100 they have used different products, in a different way, with different tools. Really, everyone does their own thing anyway.
What is your go to, fail safe make up look? Hmmmm... If in doubt, keep it classy yet casual. Give your face a matte finish, curl those lashes before you coat them, softly fill in those brows and use red lippy. This is full proof, plus the brighter the lipstick the whiter your teeth will look;)
Well this has become a bit of a long'un hasn't it! Right now I'd normally be choosing 5 people to tag and giving them 10 questions to answer, but I wont lie, I'm at work and just don't have the time! At least this gives you all a reason to come back and check who I've tagged at a later date, right?
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Thursday, 9 June 2016

A mini Makeup Geek haul

Ciao, beauts'! It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Unfortunately sometimes life just gets in the way, we work to many hours, the sun comes out, we fall ill, there can be 1000000 different reasons why we neglect our blog's. Have no fear, I'm back to doing what I love with a small haul for you today... 

Where to buy: Beauty Bay | Makeup Geek 

Makeup Geek are hyped over by everyone and their wife. Until I purchased my first lot I really didn't think they were going to be that "hype worthy". I was wrong. These eye shadows are a big deal in their own right, they're blend-able and the pigmentation of them is insane! They're Mac/Urban Decay/Too Faced quality, with a Morphe price tag! A-mazing. There's hundreds of colours to choose from and their staying power is brilliant - they literally stay in place, allllllll day! So when Beauty Bay surprised us with a sale this past weekend, I had to bag a couple! 

Obviously, like many of us, I like pink. So Hot Pants, Fashion Addict & Cupcake were already on my "list". I'm not the only one with a list for everything, right? Although they look similar, they couldn't be more different. 

L-R: Cupcake, Hot Pants, Fashion Addict 
Cupcake - A shade that wasn't as I expected. More online, but also in person this comes across as a much more baby pink colour. I'd say its more like a light, transitional brown though. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, duh'. It just wasn't what I expected! I will however get lots of use out of this as a transition shade in my crease, its supppper creamy with beautiful pigmentation. 

Hot Pants - Now THIS is the real deal, right here. I actually expected this to be more of a matte shade and was worried I'd be ordering the same colour twice, just with a different name! No. Just no. Hot Pants is almost, but not quite, fuchsia toned with the perfect metallic shimmer, this is going to be perfect for summer nights. 

Fashion Addict - For me, this is gonna' be the sister of Hot Pants. This is going to go perfectly in my outer third for some pink smoke, the 2 shades work perfectly together. Fashion addict is just much deeper in colour, the pigmentation is amazing and blending it is a dream. 

Sometimes there's nothing more I like then creating the perfect smokey eye. Plus, no ones ever said its wrong to have over 50 different brown toned eye shadows did they? Well, I hope not. Because Twilight & Burlesque are now solidly in my collection as well. 


Twilight - A pale mix between purple and brown (different in different lighting), this is a creamy pale shimmer colour that is perfect for day or night. It adds the perfect gleam to your eye lids without any dramatic effect. Simple & easy on the eye. 

Burlesque - This looks like a deep brown, but is more burgundy/deep berry toned in real life. Its a matte shade but comes off as quite metallic, which is a nice discovery. A bit heavy for day wear but the perfect shade for a night out. 

Lastly I picked up 2 foil shades to add to my collection (there weren't many left if I'm honest, so 2 was enough!). The finish of these shadows are amazing, they're almost like a mix of both cream & powder. Literally, they blow me away whenever I use them! Mesmerized and High Wire are beautiful colours with incredible pigmentation.

Are you seeing those colours right there?! Like, I know its not a great swatch - chill, I was in a rush - but just look how incredibly they are! 

Mesmerized - (Another) Beautiful brown, with an amazingly shiny metallic finish. Perfect for a bronzed look and with colour pay off like this, it could be fluorescent green and I'd wear it day and night just in hopes that someone would notice it. 

High Wire - Mesmerized is amazing, but High Wire takes the cake. This is the perfect silver. Its rich, creamy & you could probably see it from space its such a pretty finish. This is my go to whenever I need a bit of glitter as its metallic finish just blows me away every time. 

Interested in seeing the rest of my collection? What are you favourite bits from Makeup Geek?! Don't forget to let me know! If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 

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