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Too Faced Cat Eyes palette | review & swatches

I won't deny it, I feel like it's been way tooooo long since I produced a makeup post! So why not kick start a fresh new mind set talking about one of my favourite palettes and brands? For me, Too Faced have pretty much nailed the game when it comes to eye shadow palettes especially. The Chocolate Bar palette is my all time number 1 and this Cat Eyes palette come's in a close second. 
Where to buy: Too Faced | Debenhams 

The palette itself is quite small, perfect for taking with you on the go and it will fit into any handbag. It's a metal palette but surprisingly, isn't particularly heavy to hold. It came in an additional sturdy strong box with 3 tutorial cards to get you started. The packaging is super pretty, covered in leopard print with the bold title and iconic Too Faced logo. 

Too Faced say: "The timeless Cat Eye just got sexier. From ancient Egypt to the mod ’60s and punk ’80s to today, it’s always been an iconic beauty essential. This classic has been updated with nine matte, shimmer and glitter textures in warm and cool tones. Included are three wet-and-dry formulas for intense precision lining and a perfect wing tip. This Cat Eye Collection comes with our signature Glamour Guide with three beauty looks to get you started."

Now for some maths... The palette is the home of 9 shades. Each named in line with the cat theme - some are super quirky and clever. 3 of which are larger then the rest. The 9 shades are broken down into 3 different categories: Day, Classic and Fashion. However, makeup is art and of course, you can use whatever shades you like together. 

So the 3 larger shades, Purr, Meow & Kitten are the perfect lid colours. The middle column, Tiger's Eye, Pussy Cat & Kitty Glitter are all shimmer shades, which could go on the lid or in the crease. Then the last column, Leopard, Jungle Love & Panther are wet/dry shades - dry they are great for darkening a look and wet they can be used as liner which is really clever! All the colours co-ordinate really nicely together and each one compliments the last.

With a mixture of both matte and shimmer shadow's you can create a look for anyone with this palette. A mixture of neutral shades both warm and cool tones and a pop of colour make this palette a complete all-rounder. The texture of each shadow is super creamy, has great stay powder and will catch the eye of any beauty lover in the same room as you. So lets take a quick look at the colours one by one...

Purr - A super light toned beige with a hint of shimmer. I find this is great as a base colour and not over-ly (that's a word, right?) glittery, this is also great for a light brow bone highlight and can look lovely in the inner corner of the eye as well. 

Meow - Another beige shade but it's a bit warmer the Purr, and is completely matte. Again perfect as a base colour all over the lid if you're not looking for anything with a shimmer so simple yet versatile you can use this day or night with most looks. 

Kitten - Another very light shade that is more pink-y. Swatched on my arm there isn't much colour pay off but that's because I'm as pale as a ghost and pinks wash me out. On the lid it's lovely if you're going for an all pink eye and has a hint of shimmer in as well. 

Tiger's Eye - Possibly my favourite colour in the palette.Its a beautiful warm brown/bronze colour oozing with shimmer. It's easy to apply to the lid, swatches like a dream and stays on all day. Perfect autumn shade right there. 

Pussy Cat - A deep shimmery pink. Before owning this palette, I'd never have thought I'd put such an "out there" colour on my eyes but I love it. I love it run through my crease under a lighter matte pink. 

Kitty Glitter - My favourite play on words ever. A gorgeous metallic silver/blue shade which looks amazing wherever you put it. The pigmentation is crazy and it blends like a dream. Perfect for your inner corner/third. Also great over a lipstick to create a metallic lip colour. 

Leopard - A super pigmented warm brown with a hint of shimmer, great in the crease to make a smokey eye combined with Tigers Eye (above). This, along with the other 2 shades in this column have a slightly harsher texture as they're designed to be used as a liner when wet. As a liner it's a great colour thanks to its great pigmentation and I'm quite a lover of brown liner every now and then. 

Jungle Love - A cross of navy blue and purple with a little shimmer. Genuinely great for creating a smokey eye. Lovely in the crease and a unique colour it being not quite black. 

Panther - Every palette should have one, a sturdy black shade. It's a strong matte shadow with great pigmentation as a lot of matte black shadows can appear a bit patchy. Too Faced nailed it. As always. Wet or dry, great as an eyeliner as well as a shadow. 

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Have a drink with me! Ft. Funkin Cocktails

If you know me, you know I like a drink. You'll also know I like love a cocktail. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the young adult that's just had her 18th birthday whose liver is able to stomach a bottle of vodka with my friends every Friday/Saturday night anymore, but I do still like a good drink. So clearly I was delighted when a heavy box of cocktail mixers from Funkin Cocktails appeared at my front door. Unfortunately, I have a super busy job so I knew that my "taste testing" was going to have to take place here there and everywhere, when possible. 

Funkin Cocktails have a huge range of cocktail mixers available, all of which are 100% natural. Their ingredients are sourced from all over the world and are thrown together to make a lovely puree/syrup/mixer. All you need is a bottle of alcohol (preferably 1 that corresponds with your mixer - but I've had some great mixing and matching results as well!), a few ice cubes and your all set. If you don't drink alcohol, these are great with lemonade as well, so you won't miss out!

Each carton contains 1 litre of mixer, or the equivalent to 10 drinks, which for £4 is well worth your cash. Each carton is decorated with bright, stand out colours, the title of the mixer, the attractive Funkin Cocktails logo and a suggestion of which spirit to add to each one. They are super attractive and I'll tell you, I was gutted to open the box knowing I then had to rush out the door for work. I received 5 different mixers to try so I got to work... 

Where to buy: Funkin Cocktails | Amazon | Waitrose

Pina Colada - Think beach side holidays, hot sunshine and sand in between your toes. This Pina Colada is a refreshing pineapple and coconut blend which will leave you refreshed all day or night. Often this type of cocktail can be very hit and miss depending on where you are when you order one. Funkin Cocktails' isn't too overpowering so this is the perfect mixture! 

Mojito - In general, a Mojito is my favourite cocktail ever, original or flavoured. Usually made with Rum, Funkin Cocktails suggest mixing with vodka. I didn't think it would be great, but I was wrong and it works really well! It's super light and fresh, perfect for a summer afternoon. Also works perfectly traditionally with White Rum.

Sour Mix - this is a cocktail I've never tried before! So I didn't really have anything to compare it too. It's super sour but I really enjoyed it! It also foams up at the top of the glass which made it a really fun drink! 

Where else to buy: Ocado | Love Tiki | The Drink Shop

Strawberry Daiquiri - another of my usual favourites however I did find this one a bit bitter. Personally, I really enjoyed this blended with vodka, ice, lemonade and real strawberries.  Great for summer and or a girls night in. 

Passion Fruit Martini - I love a good martini. This is super fresh and fruity but if you get your measurements wrong, again, can be a little bitter to the taste. I really enjoyed this during a family BBQ! 

Each of these cocktails are great during the summer months especially. but obviously, cocktails are for any time of the year. Pop to your kitchen and grab a glass. Now that its possible to make quality cocktails from home in quite literally, 2 minutes. Now I need a new reason to leave the house on a Saturday evening! 

Funkin Cocktails have an amazing range of different mixers which are available right now at your fingertips! These mixers literally taste like the kind of cocktails you'll get on a night out in London. Think high end, but on the couch, what could be better?! Weather you're hosting a summer BBQ, a party or just a night in with your girlfriends, you can trust that these cartons from Funkin Cocktails will ensure you've got the beverage game everyone will be talking about the next day. I can not wait to try the rest of the Funkin range, especially their Build your own Cocktail Kit! 

Thank you so much to Funkin Cocktails for these delicious mixers! I've had lots of fun testing them out and sharing my thoughts! Me and my friends have had a great few evenings trying to decide which is our favourites! Click here to make your order now. You can also follow Funkin Cocktails on Twitter as well! 

*I was kindly gifted these products to review. All opinions and photo's are my own.

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