Monday, 9 May 2016

Bronze eye with winged liner

Morphe, morphe, morphe. Some of my favourite eye shadows. A holy grail palette every man/woman should own, holding 35 shadows, you'll never run out of looks to create! So today lets talk about this 1…
I’d be lying if I told you I did this with just a morphe palette, but have no fear, I'll give you all the juicy gossip! I’ve been loving playing with different colours lately to make different effects. Imagine how much fun I’d have if I was really an MUA earning money for it! *One day* note: my eyeliner is NEVER equal on both eyes… I just can’t handle that skill.
 When I first sat down to do my makeup yesterday evening I didn’t have a plan, I just blagged it. This took a few colours and lots of blending so don’t be shocked when you see the next photo! You probably won’t need all the colours I’ve used in reality, but that’s the joy of blogging you’re way through a look! So here’s you’re shopping list, beauts:
Put a Lid On It – theBalm eye primer
Morphe Brushes 35w Palette
Too Faced Cat Eyes palette
Nars Hungry Heart highlighter duo (mine is smashed, no judging­čĆ╗)
Maybeline 24hr gel eyeliner
*optional: Chickadee eyeshadow by Makeup Geek
Prime you’re lids! You don’t have to do this, but it will bring out colours and increase the staying power of products. *Optional: if you’re new to all this business controlling and blending you’re colours can be a bit daunting, don’t be afraid to use tape as a guideline, a bit of help never hurt anyone!
Using a mix of Purrr and Meow (2 shades from too faced palette) patter colour under brow bow and onto lid until you’ve got the colour payoff you’re happy with! Everyone’s different so keep packing on till you’re happy. A flat brush is good for this and will intensify the colour/sparkle!
Using the 2 shades highlighted on the top row of the morphe palette, sort that crease out! It’s always good to go light to dark so use them in order to avoid the look of beaten up eyes. *don't forget to blend as you go to avoid harsh lines and angry colours*
Optional* if you’ve chosen to, like me, use chickadee from Makeup Geek, few free to throw that on now… I used it in my crease and on my lid, because apparently I’m just never satisfied.
I used the shade on the 2nd row down in my crease as well… Just Incase I hadn’t used enough!
I mixed the last 2 remaining shades from the morphe palette together! I packed this into the outer 3rd of my eye, slightly sweeping it into the crease. *I hope you've been blending as you go along*
Again, take Purrr from Too Faced and apply to your tear duct and inner 3rd of you’re eye. I try to pack on as much as I can of this as I never find I get my “stick” from colours around my tear duct.
On a small brush, apply the pinky shade (in my case, the smashed one) to the centre 3rd of you’re lid. *this is the time you need to decide how much sparkle is right for you*
Using a small blending brush, blend the edges of each colour together, creating a smooth run of colour with no harsh, scary lines!
Line you’re eyes (I start from my tear duct then flick out), apply mascara, brush away fall out and voila!

Il be honest, I’ve never used highlighter for anything but highlight before, but now, this has changed the ball game! This Morphe palette is one of my ultimate favourites and is such good value. On Beauty Bay they value between £15-£20 and each comes with 35 different eye shadow pans! Colours range palette to palette, with mix’s of matte and shimmer finishes! So affordable and so versatile!
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  1. Your liner looks perfect to me! Plus the morphe palette looks fab! x


    1. Thanks, beaut! They are my fave, i've got lots more to collect!

  2. This eye shadow look is gorgeous. x

  3. Thank you so much, beaut x


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