Friday, 13 May 2016

My new "favourite" lipstick

I'm not going to lie, pretty much every time I buy a new lippy, it becomes my new favourite. However!!! This one is just soooooo beaut, I had to dedicate a post to it! Introducing... Mehr, by Mac.
Now I love a good drugstore lippy as much as anyone. However when it comes to Mac, I've just never found a brand that tops them. 

I picked up Mehr during a recent shopping trip in London. I was only going in to pickup a new nude shade, but when I saw this pink beauty staring at me, I couldn't resist... How had I overlooked this in the past?!
I'm sure many of you will agree that there's not much better then opening up a new Mac lippy! Weather it be the feeling of twisting the bullet the first time, the fresh scent of vanilla that they all come with, or just the fulfilment of adding it into you're collection... We've all experienced the warm sensation Mac is able to give us. 
Although this is not a bright pink; it's more of a "dirty" pink, I love it. This shade is the perfect shade for anyone that feels like they aren't able to pull off Velvet Teddy (also by Mac). This lovely, matte finish, deep pink is perfect for everyday wear, day or night... I'm already tempted to pick up a backup - then I can keep one with me wherever I am! 

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  1. This is my favourite lipstick of all time!! So excited when I saw this post on my feed :') it's such a gorgeous colour, I'm glad someone else understands my love for it ;) xx

  2. This is such a pretty shade, I've never tried it but I definitely need to! Loving your blog :)

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog


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