Thursday, 19 May 2016

Morphe 35W palette

Over the last year, the popularity of the Morphe 35 palettes have exploded through the Blogosphere, Instagram, Youtube & makeup world. Most of us know about the iconic Morphe 35O palette, its never in stock and every release sells out in minutes. However there is more to your eye make-up then the 35O. Morphe do actually make about 18 of these different palettes!  It was soooo hard to chose which one to order first!

For me, they're like Pokemon, gotta catch them all!!! OK - seriously I need to collect them all, lay them out and just stare at them for 24 hours. In the harsh reality of today, I only own 1. The 35W! I don't know why I've only got this one, they're super affordable! But time can fix this... 

So the 35W contains 35 (clearly) eye shadows, a range of both shimmers and matte colours. If you're one for all eyes natural, you're going to want to pick this bad boy up. It's gorgeous. Each colour is extremely pigmented and you wont physically believe how easy they are to blend! Think Makeup Geek, but half the price, literally. 

The range of colours in this beautiful palette mean the eye looks you're able to create are endless. Although I picked this up for autumn, for all the lovely warm shades, the versatility of this palette makes it perfect for all seasons, weather you want a soft or heavy look. 

Row 1 - Perfect cool naturals, the first colour is perfect to use in the tear duct area. 

Row 2 - Things are starting to warm up + look at that pink! 

Row 3 - We're officially warm - I love using shaddow no. 2 in my crease as a transition shade. 

Row 4 - That beautifully pigmented plumb shade at the end will leave you in total awe. 

Row 5 - The darkest of them all, add a bit of black sparkle to any waterline for night time glam. 

Don't get me wrong, the palette it self looked a bit cheap when it came through my letter box. The price tag is cheap - this one cost me £15.95! What. A. Bargain. Plus, (I think) they're cruelty free - don't quote me on that! You can find it on Beauty Bay here! The fact they're such a bargain does not reflect badly on the product itself - don't be discouraged!  Although it's large, its incredibly light and fits perfectly flat in any bag - so if you're a make-up artist, you need these! I can't fault these shadows enough, and they're staying power just takes the biscuit and warms my heart. 

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