Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Foundation - liquid or powder?

In a world full of both high street & high end makeup, lives a family of makeup bases. Yes, you can guarantee each brand has their own line of multiple different foundations. Powder, liquid, some for a dewy look, others to matteify. It can be overwhelming when you've decided you want to give a new product a try. Which brand do I want to go with? Which type of foundation do I want to try? So lets look at these 2 high street foundations and compare... 

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,I've been using the L'Oreal True Match liquid for years, I love it. However, I do prefer the old formula to the new! It suits my pale Caspar like skin tone perfectly and leaves a great finish! So when going out to pick up a new bottle of my trusted drug store base, I thought to myself, why have a I never tried the powder form?... So I did! Why not?! Ah, comparisons, the sweetest reason I can think of to pick up more beauty products that I don't really need! 

There are sooo many perks to this foundation! Available in around 20 shades, they are the perfect "true to skin" matches, they come in a variety of undertones and although the liquid formula is quite creamy, the product feels incredibly lightweight. Both liquid & powder form finish with a soft texture with light/medium coverage - but build-able! I do have 1 fault though, if you don't powder over this stuff, you will have to re-apply after about 4 hours. No big deal though really - you can get a dirt cheap translucent powder from most high street stores. 

OK, so I use the liquid most days - I just apply with a beauty blender, quick & simple. I confess I'm never happy with 1 layer, as I said the coverage is light/medium... For me, it's realllllllllllly light without 2 layers of it, I wouldn't be able to pull it off with 1 layer alone. Its easy to blend, true to skin tone and leaves a nice satin-y (is that a word?) finish. When I first started using this, I did find it dried out my skin quite a bit & then especially clung onto my dry places. However with a bit of moisturiser and or primer before, this isn't an issue. 

As for the powder? Well... I'm not sold, if I'm honest. The colours are a "match" (at first) and it does feel nice & soft on my skin, but I need more then that to really appreciate a products being. OK, so the True Match powder comes with a handy applicator - like a powder puff, but its quite basic - but I don't use this. I just use a brush. The first application I ever did, I was relatively happy - I had a powder foundation that was strong enough to not cake and not need a liquid base under it! YAAAAS! Fast forward 2 hours later... No. Oh dear. This powder looked terrible, it's pale original colour had developed into a "pretty" bright orange tone allllll around my eyebrows & nose - I looked like a child had come at me with the wrong shade! It was originally great that it had such good pigmentation, but now my orange face was angry. Speaking of my nose, my god, I had pores I'd never seen before. It's like it got bored of sitting on my skin and decided to sink into me to see how my insides were. It just vanished and I was the prime minister or Pore Town.

Don't get me wrong, if you can go for THE lightest shade, you could probably use it just as a dust if you've not got a translucent powder in reach. As a base on its own? Hell no. Maybe it was my skin type/tone, maybe this is the case for everyone, but I couldn't stand it! I looked like I had no idea what I was doing and had just dived head first into every foundation shade at the counter. 

I'll stick to my trusted liquid for life I think, at least I know I won't look like a Wotsit loving mess within just 2 hours! 

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  1. I was considering trying the powder foundation as I love the liquid formula of this too, but as I have really dry skin that is prone to a bit of caking makeup, maybe not... Great post! xo


    1. Try it! What works for some won't work for others!

  2. Major thankies for the post.Great


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