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My go to makeup storage | Store Your Stash

Makeup storage is something we all have, yet something we all do so differently. I'd never really thought about mine until last week - so what a perfect time to dive into my own storage?!

lets ignore that hanging grey TV connector and the black leaves on the wall... I love wall stencils! 
 At the moment, everything is living on my desk which is less desk more dresser. Due to the small space I'm only able to fit my "most used"/go to storage here! *Dreams of the day everything else has a home rather then being stuffed into a makeup bag under my bed*. It's quite basic, acrylic storage, palettes & beauty blenders/brushes and then my mirror and a few skin care bits.

The storage itself is pretty basic - I think it was about £10 from Amazon... Please, guys, don't spend a bomb on acrylic storage! It all does the same thing plus you can get it super cheap from places like Muji
So the top section is all in 1, I just keep my everyday makeup to the left and favourite lipsticks to the right! I have to store lipsticks upside down to see the labels... Ain't no body got time to go through them all looking for 1 certain colour! Tell me I'm not the only 1 that does this... So behind these lipsticks is just a bunch of Benefit mini's that I use every now and then, if i'm honest I quite often forget about them! Then behind my everyday makeup is just a range of lip liners/eye liners/brow pencils. I just feel everything is super easy to reach in this set up and I can just pick things up and put them away after use. By the way... Has anyone else tried the new Benefit brow gel? I am in love! 

The first 2 small draws are quite tiny so just house a few single eye shadows and a few lip balms - nothing exciting, literally. 

So the first longer draw also contains a few every day bits. I was really lucky actually because the Zoeva blush palette that I spoke about here, was literally the perfect fit so that just sits at the bottom under everything else. Then there's the Too Faced Soul Mates Blush Bronzer Duo in "Ross & Rachel" - I don't use this every day, but as a bronzer after some contouring its perfect. Next up is the Hoola bronzer by Benefit, I love this, its a great contour shade. However I'm not prepared to pay for a full sized one just yet... Next its a few lip products, the Too Faced Colour Bomb is 1 of my absolute faves as is the Revlon Lip Butter, both are lovely textures and are super moisturising. I also keep a Nars Audacious lipstick in here as well, I actually hate this, but it cost so much I can't throw it away! 

 Next its the Maybelline Colossal Mascara - this is my holy grail mascara. This must be my 10th tube of the stuff.I don't know what Maybelline have done here but for the last 5 years or so, this mascara has stood out to me above any other - plus its drug store! Not many mascara's are under £8 and a complete god send! Next to that is just a clear mascara which I sometimes use to set my eyebrows - Miss Sporty! Super cheap! I think this was about £2.99?!!!

In the back of this draw as you can see, there's a Stilla lip & cheek tint. This does not work for me what so ever, but like the Nars, it was a bit pricey so can't bring myself to throw it away! One day something is just going to click and I will fall in love with it... I hope.

The bottom draw is a bit boring! Just a few of my favourite drug store foundations really. Then there's a cheap but OK-ish primer by Collection, I've been looking for a new primer for ages now! Does anyone have any recommendations? Next to that is that Lash Sensational mascara that everyone loves but I can't see why! I mean, its OK, but I won't buy another when this one is finished. Then there's a Dior eye shadow quad which is most definitely past its best before date but is way to pretty to get rid of! A standard rosy pink MUA blush and a face mask sample from Nudi! 

Phew, draws done! In an ideal world, this is 100% the kind of post that needs a YouTube video, I feel like i'm waffling on! If you've made it this far, 10 house points awarded to your Harry Potter House.

Next to the draws is my favourite place - except that horrible eye sore of a TV connector. ugh. If you haven't noticed already, I love eye shadow, like, its my bae. I don't even wear it every day, I just always find myself picking up more! Anyway...So we just have a medium Yankee Candle - Summer Scoop for life, its so pretty and reminds me of raspberry ripple ice-cream, mmmm ice-cream. It just sits behind my (disgusting) Beauty Blenders. 

Guys!!!! What am I doing wrong? No matter what I try, my Beauty Blender doesn't ever come out clean! If you have any tips on how to actually clean your beauty blender and make it look clean, please let me know! 

So yeah, next to those dirty but well loved sponges is just another 2 bottles of foundation... How have I accumulated this much? I wish it was all of it, but I have more in make up bags that are dotted around my room. I could Easter Egg hunt with my makeup bags, and I wish that was a joke! 
Now, my favourite bits. At the bottom is the Morphe 35W palette that I reviewed here! That palette is perfect for anyone looking for a huge range of pigmented colours on a budget! Then there's the Nude 'Tude palette by the balm which you can read about here. Then the Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced, 1 that I haven't reviewed yet but I am in love with, I could use this every single day so how could it not be given a place on my dresser?

Next up is just a few Kylie Lip Kit's and the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette - this is perfect for on the go as its super small in size! Topped with a Ciate bronzer/blusher duo - I reviewed this but never posted it. Hmmmm, must find that post! Last but not least, brushes. Such an important thing to have. I mainly only use Real Techniques/Morphe/Zoeva. Watch this space though, I'm looking to buy a brand new full set from Zoeva! The travel set from Morphe comes with this striped brush holder so I just keep everything in that! 

Then to top it all off I've just got my ring light mirror... Because, obviously I need a mirror to apply makeup and a few skin care bits, the usual, face masks, cleansers, toners. Another post for another day! As I said, a topic like this is much better explained via video - but I'm not brave enough for all of that jazz! So that's how I store my go to bits n bobs!

Let me know in the comments how you "Store Your Stash"! And if you are looking for self-storage outside of your house, make sure to check out MakeSpace! They take care of everything! If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 



  1. Your make up is stored so nicely! Mine is just all thrown in a draw or on my desk lying around haha x

    1. There's nothing wrong with that, girl! This is nothing compared to what I wish it could be haha! Thanks for reading xxx

  2. This post is amazing XD just keep up with the lovely posts^_^


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