Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The app we're all playing - Pokemon Go!

Hello beautiful, how are you? I hope you're enjoying the English sunshine - or are you hating it like me? Unless you've been living under a rock (literally), you'll know that over the last week the world and his wife have been utterly obsessed with the new and revamped remake of our childhood that is: Pokemon Go! 

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Now when I say the world and his wife are playing, I mean, in my life, I'd say 1 in 10 people are not playing. I'm finding myself going for a walk through my local park to find 50 adults walking around in small groups desperately trying to catch that stray Onix that's appearing on everyone's tracker. Bloody Onix, always breaking out of my pokeballs. 

OK so if you have been living under a rock - not that that's a bad thing, how is it? Not to damp? Let's give you a quick break down... Pokemon Go is a new version of a classic game that smart phone users (and tablet users) are going crazy for. The game uses google maps to pin point your location and as you move around in the real world, you discover Pokemon here there and everywhere. As the original game, the aim is to catch them, train them, battle them and obviously, love them... Until you "catch 'em all". You visit Pokestops to pick up balls, potions & bait, you visit gyms to battle your strongest companions and quite often, you make a lot of friends doing so. 

All of a sudden the streets are filled with people, walking from 1 side of the town to the other, walking the long way home from work - if you can imagine it, Pokemon trainers are probably doing it. There are dedicated Facebook groups for it, e.g. my personal fave, Pokemon Go Hertfordshire! As well as meet ups being arranged! It is a phenomenon, I predict this time next month Pokemon Go will have more users then twitter... Do you realise how many people use Twitter?! 

Now don't get me wrong... I know, we all had legs before Pokemon Go, why should we praise a simple game for enabling "lazy" people to go out and use them? To be fair, I hate walking myself, 
and this game has given me a reason to go out and be more active! Usually, if I can drive there, I will - lots of people are the same and there's no shame in that! I didn't pay all that money learning to drive, buying a car, insuring it & keeping it on the road to walk everywhere did I? With this, its more the concept. Really, its a "single player" game, that you can play with multiple people - there's nothing stopping me and my 2 galpal's popping out for the evening, now we get to better ourselves doing power laps of the park and enjoy it as we catch our childhood friends, all over again, in such a dimension none of us thought would ever be possible. People have walked past me in the street and asked "what team?!". People I've never met have invited me on "Pokemon hunt's" after we've got chatting on a local group post (I am not advising you to meet strangers off the internet!!!), a whole new community is growing.

Yes I am a 23 year old make up obsessed blogger that is out catching Pokemon! My grandparents don't get it either, but... This right here is my childhood! I remember the day my dad told me he had his own "pokedex" whilst we were watching a Saturday morning Pokemon episode and I couldn't believe it! I remember the rush of excitement I felt when he showed me "his" Gameboy Colour and the Pokemon Red Version game slotted in the back of it which then became "mine" - I still have it, and it works! I remember how many hours I'd spend desperately trying to get from 1 end of the completely dark "Rock Tunnel" near Cerulean City to the other without all my Pokemon dying. I remember the day I opened a pack of Pokemon cards and found a "shiny" (rare-ish) Charmander. Heck, I even remember going to see the movie in the cinema! Pokemon was literally the game of my childhood, why would anyone not be pumped to re live it in an interactive way! 

There have been a few horror stories going around, people finding dead bodies whilst out "hunting" and so on... Would them bodies have never been found if I went for a casual walk without my phone? I'd say they probably would, eventually. Plus, we should all pay attention to the warning the game gives you as well "stay aware and alert of your surrounding at all times" I've heard of 1 to many people walking out on to a road to catch a silly little Vulpix! 

Yes I have Pikachu, and yes, I'm team Valor - I hope you are as well! Nintendo, I salute you - you have out done your selves and bough people closer together in a way nobody thought you could

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  1. Love Love Love this post lovely!

    I love Pokemon Go. I didn't think I would, but it is so addictive. I was thinking about doing this post too, but don't think I know that much about it.

    Thank you for sharing this lovly...ps. I'm team Valor too :)

    Steph xx
    Lifestyle Blogger | www.stephsworld.com

  2. I am obsessed - it's all I think about lately haha!!
    I'm so glad you're a fellow Valor, about as glad I am that you're on this hype as well! xxx


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