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Zoeva Coral Spectrum Blush Palette review

The piece of makeup I buy least, has got to be blush. I'm so set in my ways of using the same 1 all the time that I never find myself needing  another. So 1 day I thought, why not try a blush palette!? I do a lot of other peoples makeup as well and sometimes my old safe pink blush just isn't right for them, with a palette at least I'll have a few options. So I picked up the Coral Spectrum Blush Palette by Zoeva! This is the first product I've ever bought from Zoeva, and I already have a mental wishlist of what I want next! 

Now I'm not even going to deny it, I'm just going to embarrass myself on the internet here... Until about 6 months ago, I thought that Zoeva and Zoella were... The same. I thought Zoe Sugg was just being hip and releasing another brand alongside Zoella beauty and she was just trying to be cool. Sorry girls (and or guys), how wrong was I!? I'm glad I did my research though, imagine reading a blog post about this palette and me just talking about the wrong creator. Shudders with embaressment* OK, so actually, Zoeva, by Zoe Boikou is a German brand, created in 2008.The Zoeva website gives this information:
"ZOEVA is a German brand, founded in 2008 by Zoe Boikou. The brand name ZOEVA is composed of ZOE, the Greek word for „life“ and EVA, the very first woman. From a basic range of only 10 makeup brushes, ZOEVA now offers a professional portfolio of over 50 makeup tools and 100 colors for a full face makeup routine. Our products are designed to make a real difference in the way women experience their beauty rituals."
You can find more about the Zoeva brand by clicking here!  For now, lets talk about this beautiful Coral toned blush palette I'm glad to have in my arms... 

Where to buy: Zoeva | Beauty Bay
The Coral Spectrum Blush Palette is a real beaut! This sleek smooth black palette has a smart & classy simple design with a magnetic closing function. All lettering is in a minimal text & rose gold in colour so obviously, i adore it! The palette also features 1 straight line through the middle of it, which is designed in a holographic way, giving the illusion that multiple colours move up and down it. The palette is super slim so perfect for just slotting in any bag and is made from sturdy cardboard coated in a rubber like material. Its super travel safe and so light you won't even remember you've got it with you! 

As you can see, the palette consists of 4 different blush colours. The pan sizes are huge, each one is 3.8 grams - I think this baby is going to go a long way! The palette maintains its sleek presence once opened, keeping with the black theme and simply has the Zoeva name branded through the centre of the product. Each shade is equally as pretty as the last and they are all so individual, giving them the rightful place they deserve in this palette. 

Each shade is simply named "CR010/20/30/40" which makes it super easy to refer to when talking about a certain shade in particular. The formulation of these blush's are perfect, they are super finely milled making blending a dream. They are soft to touch and easy on the eye. I've also noticed that when you pick the product up on a brush it doesn't leave very much mess behind either which is a big bonus. I hate products with major fall out, you waste most of it by it scattering across the packaging, clearly Zoeva have got me covered! Lets talk about the colours, 1 at a time from left to right:

CR010 - The deepest pink in the palette. We all know I'm a pink fan and this shade is beautiful. For my skin tone, I think it's probably to deep to be worn through the summer but when the berry lip colours come back out to play I think this will be my go to Autumn shade. 

CR020 - Again, this is beautiful and I think this is my personal fave out of the 4. This is going to be lovely for summer giving off the perfect rosy pink cheek look. I do find these blush's to be really pigmented though and a little of this is going to go a long way on my pale ghost-like cheeks. Don't forget to tap your brush off after picking up the product, because to much of this one could make you look a bit clown-like. 

CR030 - This is probably the colour I use least. That's cool, we can't all use every colour ever day and different colours suit different people. I just find this colour is a bit dark for me. Gorgeous, but to dark. Being so pale I have to be careful using colours that are this shade as I just look a bit... Unwell (lol). However, on my friend this is a lovely colour that also carries a slight golden glow to it. It comes across really natural and effortless. It's a bit like Orgasm by Nars, but much deeper in colour and less shimmer. Its easier to wear.

CR040 - This on the other hand, is a tad light for me and a coral this cool makes me look a bit washed out. Don't get me wrong, it is a lovely colour - I just can't pull it off. Although I'm quite pale, I can't use peachy colours like this, just as I can't wear coral/light pink clothing, it just doesn't do me any favours. However I have found if you mix this colour with CR010, CR010 is much more summer wearable - so it's very versatile! 

All in all, this is a great palette. Weather your a makeup artist or just have a passion for makeup - there is something here to suit everyone! 4 large pans of pressed, super pigmented, long lasting powder blush is only £15 on right now! This colour range 100% best suits a wamer skin tone - but when did that ever stop you picking up what you really wanted? Oh, and did I mention, each blush is enriched with Vitamin E and is paraben free?! My first Zoeva product has blown me away and I can't wait to pick up a few more bits! 

What are your Zoeva holy grails? Also, which brushes would you recommed? If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 



  1. I've seen this around and for ages I've been thinking of buying one as I don't own anything from Zoeva at all! ( I really want something from them)

    The shades all look great but 20 would be my favourite too!

    1. Its great to have this to hand so you've got a variety of colours to choose from :) xx

  2. Those blushers are goooorgeous! I need to get my hands on this palette, great post Xx

  3. Those are fab colors! I've just gotten into wearing blush recently, so I actually didn't know there were palettes for it. Wow. I have a light pink and an apricot color right now, but I would love to expand to a full palette. You taught me something today, chickadee! XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

    1. Aw I'm glad you learnt something from me;) I think from now on I will only buy palettes - they're just so handy and easier then picking up singles! xox

  4. I really never give which blusher I'm buying any thought, and have consequently ended up with some terrible ones in the past! Maybe investing in a pallete would be good for me too, although I tend not waver from baby pink too much, because peache-y colours makeme look ill! Stephie x

    1. I have to be super careful when choosing colours as I'm so pale a lot washes me out and makes me look like a zombie! Palette's are great especially if you know you suit the majority of their contents! xoxo

  5. I also thought that Zoeva was Zoella's brand hahah! The products look great though and quite well priced. Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. I'm SOOOO glad I'm not the only 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh wow this product looks amazing, I do love a good blush for the summer! Thanks for the recommendation, I'll have to try it out <3
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog


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