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5 Mac essentials every makeup lover should own

With the amount of brands and products in our lives today, trying to entice us to buy this and try that, choosing your staples can be tough. Mac is a brand that I have been using for a good, pft, 8 years now! I think?! Although they are not my 10000000% favourite brand of all time, I don't think I could be without them. So when a friend asked me to recommend her a concealer the other day, I answered and then thought "this is a concealer everyone should at least try!" and so this post was born. Lets talk about my top 5 staple products that have seen me through the years. Excluding lipstick, of course - lipstick doesn't come into this seeing as there are SO many and quite an obvious product! 

This is not allllll my favourite items/go to's... This is just a, if I had to whittle it down to 5 items, it would be these 5. Alternatively, if a complete starter kit is something you'd enjoy reading, let me know - I'd love to give it a go! 

First off, lets prime: 

 Mac's Prep and Prime Fix+ spray - this stuff is the, literally! This simple clear formula can be used as a primer, as a setting spray, to intense your eye shadow pigmentation, to dampen your beauty blender, literally, the list could go on. Using this as part of my makeup routine leaves my skin glowing and feeling moisturised all day, I don't know what I'd do without it! It is by far the best setting spray I've used, I find quite often a lot of setting sprays leave an oily film like feeling on my face after a while and it just makes me feel gross! You'll never use more the 3 pumps at a time and I am telling you, this stuff just never runs out! This tiny bottle costs just £10 from Mac directly and contains 30ml. There is the option to purchase 100ml for £17 - which isn't a bad price! I just don't bother as its not like I'm purchasing a new bottle every month. I can not rate this enough, I literally feel like I'll be spritzing myself with this at my own funeral.. .

Next is a base combo that I couldn't be without, the Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation & the Pro Longwear concealer. These 2 are amazing, and they pair together perfectly! They are so similar I don't even need to talk about them separately.. They are super long lasting and give me and my pores the high coverage that we need. I always use a foundation 1/2 shades darker then my concealer just so I can actually see it is really brightening so that explains the odd colours you can see here! Your skin tone will never be uneven and your dark circles will never be visible again with these bad boys. Their creamy consistency is a pleasure to work with and both have super blend-able formula's. I also find it important to mention this - these do not feel heavy on my face! Often a product that is so high coverage can feel heavy and cake through the day... Not with these bad boys! I guess the only way you'll know is to try them! The Pro-Longwear-Concealer is £18 but worth every penny as a little goes a long way & the Studio-Fix-Fluid-SPF-15 Foundation is just £22 - super affordable considering its oil control powers & staying power! 

Mineralize Blush in Warm Soul - OK I've stated before, I'm not a huge blush addict. If I'm honest, I literally found this blush again yesterday and I'm so chuffed with myself! This is the perfect shade no matter what the occasion. Although it may not float everyone's boat as it does have a touch of gold shimmer to it. I find this blush stays put all day and there is sooo much product in the pan. Yes it cost £22.50 for 3.5g but, I have had this pan for a year and it is still domed in shape! A little does go a long way though so don't forget to tap off any excess from your brush to avoid a disaster! The product feels so soft on the skin and the colour is crazy build-able, want a little in the summer? No problem. What a warm glow in the winter? Also no problem - Warm Soul can cover you whatever the season! 

Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle - my all time favourite highlight. I have been using this as long as I can remember. Soft and Gentle is the perfect pink/peach glow that is subtle enough for everyday wear but eye catching enough to make those cheek bones pop! These are a lot more cost effective then the blush I've spoken about, retailing at £24 for 10g of product... This lasts forever, however the one photographed IS my third pan! I admit as I've grown up and experimented with other brands I've forgotten about this, but I always end up coming back to it, its a bit like a bad love influence... But just a pan highlight. Soft and Gentle is super soft to touch and the pigmentation is great. Try applying at 8am one day, I guarantee it will still be in its rightful place at 8pm! 

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  1. I don't own any MAC products that aren't lipsticks and these look so great I need to branch out and try one of these! Thanks for the recommendations! x


  2. I'm honestly not a fan of Mac, however after reading this I have to admit I'd love to try their face primers and foundation, hopefully they might suit me a bit better!
    Really liked this post chick.
    Charlotte xx

    1. Thanks for your comment honey! If you do try them - let me know how you get on! xxx


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