Tuesday, 28 June 2016

3 Revlon lipsticks you should add to your collection

Ciao, beaut's! I feel like I haven't put a new post out there in a while, unfortunately my work schedule has got super hectic as of late and I'm finding myself working 50-60 hour weeks. As well as working, sleeping, eating and being in a relationship, time management is tough and unfortunately this means I have had to take a step back from both my blog and social life *it's not forever, think of pay day*. So here is a new post, and hopefully a fresh start. I will be scheduling posts from now on to ensure I never fall this far behind again and I don't let you, as a reader, down. Thank you all for continuing to support Love, Libby even through quieter times, I would be nothing without each and every one of you. 
I've never been 1 to tell fibs, so I won't pretend that I own 2 lipsticks and that my collection done with. No. Just no. I do in fact have a bit of a collection going and whilst rummaging through my draws a few days ago I stumbled on 3 little hot spices that I totally forgot I had. Now Jane, you're not about to see beautiful un-swatched lipsticks, you will see my own lipsticks from my own collection though, and thats better then the odd photo from google, right? Right. 

Where to buy: Boots | Superdrug 
These little gems are from the Super Lustrous range by Revlon and they are literally a delight to work with, Now, I know, in the photo, the lipstick's themselves look quite similar, they're not though, I promise! Usually, I love a matte lip, but here I have 2 Pearl finishes and only 1 matte... I assume the pearl thing must have been a phase as this is not the kind of finish I'd usually go with at all. 
Each lipstick is in a black bullet, with gold detailing and the brand name again in black. Its simple, its sleek and it works. Each colour has a lovely name, literally so sweet - I'll get to that in a minute. However, the different finishes seem to have different designs, which was quite annoying when it came to taking photo's... Not so blogger friendly! Oh well, lets talk shades & formula. The formula is very different to the Colorstay Moisture Stain's that I reviewed, you can find those by clicking here!

Again, the shades look pretty similar, but I promise they're not! I also thought I was going to be realy clever and match the shades to the swatches in the top and bottom photo's... Well that didn't really work out now did it? Ugh. OK - lets start with the firs 1. 

Really Red - I won't lie, this is your average, perfect red lipstick. Saying that though, if you love a red lip, you'll know this is just a perfect shade at that. I do find the formula can dry quite patchy, reminding me of a liquid lipstick, so you may need 2 coats of it. Really red is a lot brighter then its colour sticker and is a matte finish, not the mattest i've tried, but it does dry matte. The perfect summer red to pop in your bag for mid-day touch ups! 

Wine with Everything - this deep pink is gorgeous. Plus. "Wine with Everything", could Revlon have possibly thought of a better name? I think not. I like wine... This pearl finish is a lovely glossy shade which reflects beautifully in natural light leaving your lips glistening. The pearl finish is also great at leaving my lips feeling hydrated and fresh. You could probably pop this on top of Really Red to mix to 2 together, for a more red toned lip with a bit of shine. The formaula of this is really strong, and 1 coat should be enough to last a few hours! - I always find if a product isn't matte, it won't always last very long so you may need to re-apply through the day. 

Sosilver Rose - Again, I looooove this name! Its so sweet. This colour is very similar to Wine with Everything, but is a touch lighter in shade and doesn't stand out as much. Again, its pearl finish means my lips never feel dry or worn down. It's formula is lovely, its super creamy and the colour pay off and pigmentation are to die for. 

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  1. Ooh I love Wine With Everything! So pretty! I'm a sucker for that kind of shade, and like you I certainly have a collection going on when it comes to lipsticks!! Lovely post hun! <3 xx


  2. The shades are gorgeous! I think my favourite is Wine with Everything <3


  3. Ooooo I love the colour Wine with everything! I rarely wear lipstick but that shade is gorgeous :) xo


  4. Oh, darling. I'm a sucker for beautiful red lips. Lipstick makes me weak. Really Red is easily my favorite, but Softsilver Rose would be beautiful for a casual look. XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

  5. Really red looks beautiful I might have to buy these this week! X


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