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The Beauty Blogger tag | questions & answers

If you had to pick, would you choose to only use high street products or luxury products? Aha! Now I am a girl with expensive taste, however if I could only pick 1 or the other, I'd probably choose high street. We all love the odd splurge and knowing that we have those high end gems but don't forget... there are so many high street dupes these days and quite often - no one can tell the difference.
What do you think makes a unique beauty blog worth reading? The world we live in today, evolves on a daily basis. There is a beauty blogger on most corners. It may sound cliché but girls (and guys), just be yourself! For some this is easier said then done. But hey, if you use a product and think "omg I look like my 5 year old self has put this on my face", you shout it from the rooftops and let a sister know! We all love having followers and communicating with each other, but at the end of the day, its your blog. Write how you feel!
On a desert island (because we’ll all be on a desert island at some point), what three beauty products would you take with you? Toughy. OK. Here's my 3 simple boring choices... Mascara... If you're going to be on a desert island, at least make sure your lashes are lengthened and volumised enough to ensure the helicopter - that Id assume is looking for you - can spot them. Or if you've chosen to live on said desert island - just coat your lashes so you don't look naked! Secondly, brightening concealer. I am lazy... what if I'm on said island and cant sleep? I'll get bags! What if I am on said island looking for other people? (forever obsessed with lost), I wanna look awake and ready to seize the day incase I run in to someone! And lastly... Is this really a beauty product? Id just take a micellar water. My reasons? Well if a helicopter does come to my rescue, or I do meet other folks wondering this island, I need to look and feel fresh. Who wants to make new friends with 10 layers of mascara and 5 days worth of concealer on their face? I'd get spotty...
Does the customer service at beauty counters affect your buying habits? If so, how? I find this one tough as well. I have a super busy, round the clock job so most of my shopping is done online. Sometimes I'm just to tired to deal with the thought of verbally communicating with other human beings. However I have had 2 or 3 encounters where the staff have been a bit rushed and rude - clearly wanting their lunch break although im sure they wouldn't have wasted away, staying on shift for an extra 2.3 minutes - and it resulted in me not making purchases, so I guess, yes it does. Manners don't cost a penny, kids!
What is your favourite underrated brand? This post is harder to write then I thought! OK so this probably isn't so "underrated" to us beauty bloggers, but If I asked my friends when they last ordered from makeup geek - I bet you £$1000 half of them would look at me unsure weather or not I was trying to be silly. Makeup Geek, Makeup Geek, Makeup Geek - I love you. Their shadows are crazy, they produce every colour under the rainbow and the pigmentation is unreal... Plus, they're dead cheap. Maybe its because they're not in stores, I'm not sure, but they don't get the praise they deserve. I'm also a big lover of Elf.
What do you think is the ultimate way to apply foundation? The problem with me is I go through stages... 1 week I'll use a beauty blender, the next a foundation brush, a buffing brush, a RT sponge. Heck, if I'm not leaving the house sometimes I'll just smear it in with my fingers! OK, I suppose if I had to choose 1 way to apply foundation for the rest of my life, Id choose the beauty blender... I just look so airbrushed, like the flawless princess I truly am...
What is your favourite make up/skincare/hair care and fragrance product? OK, leggo. What is my favoutie makeup range? seriously? I have to pick 1? Im a lover of both luxury and drugstore but I guess id have to go Mac. *casually contradicts answer to first question* I know, there's dupes... but a lot of my makeup library is Mac. Skincare and hair care I can pair up.. L.U.S.H - or bodyshop. It all smells sooo good and works wonders, often my entire bod is as smooth as a babys bum. Fragrance? What is my favourite perfume? I could list a few but I love Flash by Jimmy Choo 0r anything Emporio Armani.
Do a company’s ethical standards affect your buying habits? If so, how? I like to know what I'm using so I guess they do. However... I'll be honest, I'm not 10000000% bothered, yes I am more likely to go with a brand with better standards. But if I found out I had something with awful standards at home but I loved it... I'd probably use it up, I bet most of us would.
How often would you say you follow trends when it comes to make up looks (as opposed to finding your own inspiration and doing your own thing)? Is there really such thing as a makeup trend? 5 women in a row could all wear nude eyes and pink lippy but I can bet you $£100 they have used different products, in a different way, with different tools. Really, everyone does their own thing anyway.
What is your go to, fail safe make up look? Hmmmm... If in doubt, keep it classy yet casual. Give your face a matte finish, curl those lashes before you coat them, softly fill in those brows and use red lippy. This is full proof, plus the brighter the lipstick the whiter your teeth will look;)
Well this has become a bit of a long'un hasn't it! Right now I'd normally be choosing 5 people to tag and giving them 10 questions to answer, but I wont lie, I'm at work and just don't have the time! At least this gives you all a reason to come back and check who I've tagged at a later date, right?
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  1. Im exactly the same with apply my foundation! I think it tends to be becuase I switch up foundations a lot though and some apply better with some things then others.
    Makeup Geek is so good! I started using it recently and love! xx


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