Wednesday, 15 June 2016

5 tips for growing your beauty collection on a budget

The beauty of the cosmetics industry is simple; there's something for everyone. Weather you've got £1, £5, £20 or £50 in the bank, there's something out there for you. Weather you make 80p or £80,000 a year, there should be nothing stopping you from indulging in a good splurge on a product you've been eyeing up for 6 months. Now I personally, love a good beauty dupe. However, I also love to indulge in the original product as well. Really, building your collection is simple, if you think about it logically! 

1. Make a wish list - I am a big list maker, I know its "not good for you", but nor is smoking & drinking but we still do those things... Anyway. Make a list. Write down what you're after! Try and give it some kind of order so you know what is & isn't priority. Whilst writing this list you'll probably realise that a lot of things you "want", you won't need, as you'll have something similar already on your list. You can always add items as you tick past ones off. 

2. You don't need to buy everything on your wishlist, all at once - Whats your rush babes? I know how it is, we see people all over the internet with 50 mac lipsticks & 10 shades of Georgio Armani foundations in their video backgrounds, we get jealous. Please remember, all of these products did not just appear at their door 1 day, and a lot of them could well be sent as PR gifts. If you write your list and then buy the entirety of it, you will probably skint yourself. I know that you want every single Kylie Lipkit, but you don't want to eat plain rice for dinner everyday for 29 days do you now Jenny? No. Pace yourself, unless limited edition, if you're out shopping on payday, most products will still be there next pay day. There's nothing wrong with being sensible about your money management. 

3. Set yourself a budget - Easier said then done, I know. I don't know how much you earn, and I'm not about to sit here and tell you how much I earn either, but whatever it is, budget. For example: If you've just been paid £1200 for the month, pay your bills, get your priorities right and set yourself a limit. If you've got £100/£200/£800 left after your expenses tell yourself you have, I don't know, £55 to spend on makeup that month. Look at your list! That £50 could buy you a Too Faced palette & a Mac lip liner, or it could buy you every shade of the new L'oreal lipstick collection, high end or high street - live within your means. And if you have a couple quid left over - eat some chocolate, all girls like chocolate. Or just save it so you've got a bit more to spend next month. 

4. You don't have to buy from companies directly -  We all know how expensive the Too Faced website can be and I'm sure many of us have been stung by the Kiko "£25 minimum online spend" rule. If you don't have time to go to a high street store, shop around, online. There's nothing wrong with even using sites like ebay & Depop. Some sellers sell brand new items, others sell things they've tried once and didn't get along with. Hell, some sellers will even try & sell there broken powders. Each to their own. Either way, I can guarantee that 95% of the time you're going to find what you're looking for, at a sale price. If sites like this aren't your thing, just wait on Superdrug & Boots to have a weekend deal, its always worth waiting for. Can you really go wrong with a 3 for 2 on all beauty products & accessories? I can't. 

5. Your birthday & Christmas are never that far away - If you don't celebrate Christmas, I'm sure this rule will still apply to any different holidays you do celebrate. I hate the "what do you want for Christmas" question that I get asked by 15 different family members on the 1st of December. Luckily for us, we all just use the Amazon Wishlist service. But hey! You know that Chocolate Soleil bronzer by Too Faced you've been eyeing up? That bronzer you just couldn't bring yourself to spend £23 on this month, well I'm sure if you ask nicely, Aunty Julie will look into buying you it for Christmas instead! There's such a market out there and the price range varies so much, there's nothing wrong with asking for the products you need but just can't afford. Then you'll just have to wait 'till the big day to see who actually listened! 

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  1. My wishlist is endless and reading other blogs does not do me any good haha cause I keep adding products!


  2. I have a huge list of products I seriously covet. The only issue is that its expensive and they keep bringing out even more products I want lol

    1. Haha, I know what you mean, it can be a never ending circle of lust sometimes!


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