Thursday, 9 June 2016

A mini Makeup Geek haul

Ciao, beauts'! It has been a while since I last wrote a blog post. Unfortunately sometimes life just gets in the way, we work to many hours, the sun comes out, we fall ill, there can be 1000000 different reasons why we neglect our blog's. Have no fear, I'm back to doing what I love with a small haul for you today... 

Where to buy: Beauty Bay | Makeup Geek 

Makeup Geek are hyped over by everyone and their wife. Until I purchased my first lot I really didn't think they were going to be that "hype worthy". I was wrong. These eye shadows are a big deal in their own right, they're blend-able and the pigmentation of them is insane! They're Mac/Urban Decay/Too Faced quality, with a Morphe price tag! A-mazing. There's hundreds of colours to choose from and their staying power is brilliant - they literally stay in place, allllllll day! So when Beauty Bay surprised us with a sale this past weekend, I had to bag a couple! 

Obviously, like many of us, I like pink. So Hot Pants, Fashion Addict & Cupcake were already on my "list". I'm not the only one with a list for everything, right? Although they look similar, they couldn't be more different. 

L-R: Cupcake, Hot Pants, Fashion Addict 
Cupcake - A shade that wasn't as I expected. More online, but also in person this comes across as a much more baby pink colour. I'd say its more like a light, transitional brown though. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, duh'. It just wasn't what I expected! I will however get lots of use out of this as a transition shade in my crease, its supppper creamy with beautiful pigmentation. 

Hot Pants - Now THIS is the real deal, right here. I actually expected this to be more of a matte shade and was worried I'd be ordering the same colour twice, just with a different name! No. Just no. Hot Pants is almost, but not quite, fuchsia toned with the perfect metallic shimmer, this is going to be perfect for summer nights. 

Fashion Addict - For me, this is gonna' be the sister of Hot Pants. This is going to go perfectly in my outer third for some pink smoke, the 2 shades work perfectly together. Fashion addict is just much deeper in colour, the pigmentation is amazing and blending it is a dream. 

Sometimes there's nothing more I like then creating the perfect smokey eye. Plus, no ones ever said its wrong to have over 50 different brown toned eye shadows did they? Well, I hope not. Because Twilight & Burlesque are now solidly in my collection as well. 


Twilight - A pale mix between purple and brown (different in different lighting), this is a creamy pale shimmer colour that is perfect for day or night. It adds the perfect gleam to your eye lids without any dramatic effect. Simple & easy on the eye. 

Burlesque - This looks like a deep brown, but is more burgundy/deep berry toned in real life. Its a matte shade but comes off as quite metallic, which is a nice discovery. A bit heavy for day wear but the perfect shade for a night out. 

Lastly I picked up 2 foil shades to add to my collection (there weren't many left if I'm honest, so 2 was enough!). The finish of these shadows are amazing, they're almost like a mix of both cream & powder. Literally, they blow me away whenever I use them! Mesmerized and High Wire are beautiful colours with incredible pigmentation.

Are you seeing those colours right there?! Like, I know its not a great swatch - chill, I was in a rush - but just look how incredibly they are! 

Mesmerized - (Another) Beautiful brown, with an amazingly shiny metallic finish. Perfect for a bronzed look and with colour pay off like this, it could be fluorescent green and I'd wear it day and night just in hopes that someone would notice it. 

High Wire - Mesmerized is amazing, but High Wire takes the cake. This is the perfect silver. Its rich, creamy & you could probably see it from space its such a pretty finish. This is my go to whenever I need a bit of glitter as its metallic finish just blows me away every time. 

Interested in seeing the rest of my collection? What are you favourite bits from Makeup Geek?! Don't forget to let me know! If you liked this post, please like, share and follow me on Bloglovin'- that way you'll never miss out!  Remember to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more! 


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