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Great Balls of Bicarb | Lush

Across the world, Lush has taken over our bathrooms, toilets, handbags & bank balances. Being in the UK, the struggle is real... We have the advantage of the Lush Kitchen & exclusive Lush Oxford Street bits to. Lush Oxford Street? It's heaven, 3 floors of all you can buy bath bombs, shower gels, solid shampoo's etc, and some of their pieces are exclusive, not even available online. You must go, I mean come on, it has 3 FLOORS!!!! Anyway... If I wrote you a blog post on my "Lush collection", no one would make it to the end, so let me just talk about this sweet gift I received for my birthday instead...
 purposely didn't ask for anything Lush as I have soooo much I've collected but there’s nothing wrong with receiving more, unexpectedly! The Great Balls of Bicarb gift set is a pink tube that contains nothing more then… Balls of Bicarb. BATH BOMBS, come at me. As mentioned before there’s nothing I love more then a nice relaxing bath! And why not do it with a few of lush’ best sellers? This gift set included 5 bombs… 5 baths/hours of relaxation. 
Sexbomb – a pink/purple bomb designed to boost your mood, and aparently… Help you get in the mood! Don’t take my word on that though, I’ve not noticed that effect! Perfect for unwinding after a long day with the hearty helping of Jasmine inside it, helping you to chill out! 

Honey Bee – this is a bomb I’ve never tried! But the tin reads “take the sting out of the day with soothing honey, aloe and naturally cleansing rhassoul mud”. Sounds good, smells good and hopefully will leave my skin feeling good! 
Blackberry – ah, I love a good fruity bath bomb, and this is a classic! Fill your bath with a deep purple colour scheme to give you a clear frame of mind and super soft skin! 
Dragons Egg – a bomb that’s garunteed to turn any gloomy day upside down on its head! Don’t be deceived by the white outer layer, be prepared to watch this fizz around your bath and change the water colour! This is great for “bath art” pictures… I know, I’m like a sad child! 

Avobath – in my life, if it’s avocado, I enjoy it. It’s a winner all round, your skin will drink it up, you’ll feel fresh and you’ll wonder why you’ve never picked up one of these bad boys before! 
For me, lush is highly addictive. I no longer let myself go in-store, in fear of how much I'll spend in that one trip. Literally. Many an evening I’ve spent online adding to my basket, checking out to find I’ve mentally spent £300 and then wiping away my tears while emptying my basket. Why not try this beautiful gift tube today? If you’re like me and can’t go in to their beautifully smelling stores anymore, check them out online here! For only £21.50… You know you want to! 
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  1. Aww I love Lush so much! The only bath bombs from that set I haven#t tried are Avobath and Honey Bee, but they look lovely! Rose Jam is my favourite Lush scent, what's yours? xx

    Latte Leanne xx

    1. Honey Bee is lovely! I loved Dragons Egg from this set though! Rose Jam is luuuuush (see what I did there;)). My favourite is Snow Fairy though! - I have to stock up for a year every Christmas lol! xx

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  2. Love this blogpost Libby :) I am becoming a Lush addict, so thank you for the recommendations. I think i need to try the avocado one for sure.

    Steph xxx


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