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Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner | review

Makeup brushes... Where do I start? They are the simple tools that get us through our daily glam routines but keeping them clean can often be quite a chore. Personally. I try to clean the majority of my brushes on a weekly basis. OK who am I kidding? It's more like every 2 weeks but... I do however spot clean my eye brushes as I go just to make sure I'm not mixing anything up, getting funky colours coming through or just generally putting anything unhygienic near my eyes. If you're the same, this may be just the product you've been searching for... 

Luckily, I was given the opportunity from the guys at Dee&Co to test the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner from Beauty Essentials and I can honestly say, this is what's been missing from my life! You're going to seriously notice the time you've saved by using this as apposed to spot cleaning. Plus it's packaging is primarily pink, what more could you want? 

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The product itself is just held in a small tin which you could even take with you on the go - it weighs nothing! It's so simple, but I can't crack how it really works! Really, this is just a rough, odourless sponge in a tin on first glance.  However, it works like magic... All excess powder and colour on your brush is removed which means you're no longer going to be using 50 different ones every time you get your glam on. 

All you've gotta do is gently swipe your brushes over it and you're going to be really surprised. Your brush is going to come out 100% clean and ready for a new colour and you'll be able to see the excess on the sponge, so you know it's done the job just right. I don't know how it does such a great job considering its bone dry, but it does. I've used this little gem around 5 times now and I am super impressed. Say goodbye to the days you'd wash all you're eye brushes 1 by 1 over and over again and patiently wait 2 years for them to dry before using them again - now they're dry instantly! 

I think the only downside a lot of people may find with this is the fact you're meant to replace the sponge insert around every 2 months. However  this is actually quite a standard procedure to many beauty buff's... Your Beauty Blender is supposed to be changed every 1-3 months, and the Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner is a third of the price of the original Beauty Blender! The Shadow Switch is amazingly only £5.99 plus free delivery over on Amazon. Come on, who doesn't love free delivery? This product will also be available at Sephora soon! You should clean your Shadow Switch now and then though, which is super easy. Just clean it with warm-ish water, let dry and then get using again! 

I've not really spoken about the packaging of this product as it's currently in the process of being re-vamped, but the finished product should look like this: 

I love that new brush font, this finished packaging is slaying the game. Thank you to the lovely team at Dee&Co and everyone at Beauty Essentials for sending me out this amazing new must have! It's saved me time, effort and stress! Don't forget to follow Beauty Essentials on Twitter and Instagram for the quickest updates about new products! 

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  1. This sounds so good and love the fact that it makes brush cleansing super easy!
    Kathy x

  2. Great post! I've also been sent this and did a review too. It's such a life saver especially now we're getting into slightly more darker makeup looks!! Love it xx

    1. I've been using it a lot more then I ever thought I was going too, its such an easy little tool to have on my dresser!

  3. One job that I really hate doing is cleaning my make-up brushes! I'm terrible for leaving it way too long before I clean them!

    1. This kind of product will sort out all your problems, its over in seconds!

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