Wednesday, 31 August 2016

10 things all girls can relate to

1. Period troubles
Periods, we all have them, we don't particularly enjoy them but we know we've gotta live with it for quite a few years... Personally, I started my period when I was 11! I remember I'd just started secondary school and was crying in pain, all my teachers thought I was trying to get out of PE - nope, sorry to disappoint you Mrs King but I wasn't trying to avoid my netball lesson, it was just mother nature calling. Some of us have a heavy flow, others light, some of us don't have periods due to contraceptive choices, others have them none stop for months at a time. However your period is, admit it, its a pain in the noony. We've probably all been caught short before not having a pad/tampon to hand and no matter what anyone says, we've all leaked before, seriously, I leaked like last week. It happens, don't fret. Yes you then have to do more washing, and it can be a bit embarrassing. So what? I'm pretty sure we've all got vagina's which occasionally bleed, its life. 

2. Bladder infections/Cystitis
If you've not experienced the joy that really is Cystitis, please. never take that for granted. You know when you're shaving your legs and you take your eye off the ball for 1 second and cut yourself a little and then proceed to bleed as if you're gonna die... Imagine that small sharp cut, times 50, passing through your lady parts. It is literally like peeing razor blades, no matter how slow you go, you can't avoid the pain. The last little drips are the worst but once it's over, at least you get a few hours off before peeing again... Ugh. 

3. Covering a new/clean top in makeup
We've all done it, planned the perfect outfit, dolled ourselves up, gotten dressed and discovered that new white shirt now has an orange collar. If you're lucky, you'll notice before you leave the house. If you're anything like me, you'll notice once you reach your destination and it's then to late to fix it. Yas girl, style that foundation shirt, work it. 

4. Buying and wearing uncomfortable shoes
Them Topshop heals with the pretty soles are gorgeous, plus they'll go with that new top you just bought, but are you going to be able to walk in them after a cocktail or 7? Nope. Are you going to buy them anyway? Yep. They're too pretty, and they'll look even prettier when its 2am you've had a few to many drinks and have found it appropriate to take you heels off and walk bare foot to your taxi. At least now you can wave them in peoples faces, literally...

5. Sneezing and farting at the same time
You can feel that sneeze coming, it's on the verge but it's being a bugger. Here it comes, you're sneezing, its crazy, as crazy as an 8th of an orgasm, but wait... What's happening? You're about to let out a little fart mid sneeze? You've got no control so just hope for the best! Clench girl, clench... Mission successful. 

6. Needing a poo in public
It's not something we all like to talk about, but in case you didn't realise, we're all humans, we all poo. Some of us do it at home, others at work, some of us can't do it anywhere but at home. But, have you ever been out for dinner or something and your food just didn't agree with you? You know you're brewing, your farting like no ones business but you also know you aren't going to be able to wait until you get home... You've gotta man up, sit in that quiet toilet, do your business as fast as you can and hope no one walks in to hear that dreaded "plop" noise that arises when the deed is being done. It's not something we enjoy, but we know we've gotta do it. We've all been caught out at least once, we all poo. 
7. Fanny farting 
We don't see it coming, but it happens, sometimes randomly, sometimes during sex, sometimes in the bath. How are we meant to react to this?! Just keep going, act like it didn't happen. If anyone else was present, just laugh if they bring it up, it happens. Sometimes it could even be a bit of an ice breaker! *Inserts laughing/crying face emoji* 

8. Having a really bad brow appointment
Ah, the day is here, its brow day. You've been growing your eyebrows out for a few weeks and now it's time to give in and give them a bit of shape. Except when you walk out of the brow bar you're mortified. So thin? No shape? Time to get growing again, and in the mean time, thank god for brow pencils/powders/pomades... 

9. You're always hungry, but don't know what you want 
Especially during time of the month. Do I want Chinese or Curry? Chicken or Beef? Chocolate or sweets? Pizza Express or Pizza Hut? Can I have 1 of everything? Can I have a cheese burger from burger king with some Mcdonalds fries, cheeky hot wings from KFC and a milkshake from Shaketastic? That would satisfy me... No? OK then you decide, "I don't mind".

10. Stalking so much the FBI offer you a full time position
Weather it be your ex's new girl/boyfriend, an old friends new hair cut or an ex colleagues newborn baby. We all love to stalk, and then show the found information to our friends. It's fine, it's natural, right? Either way you've done it before and will do it again! Did you just lose an hour of your life looking up Sadie's brother's girlfriends best friends new LV bag? Me too, oh well...

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  1. So relatable! Bladder infections truly are the worst but I've heard that it's such a common thing?!
    Kathy x

    1. I think they are, yes! I've also heard once you get 1, you never stop getting them!

  2. These are all so relatable! Xx

  3. This was too funny!!It's so true because for every new bullet point a "yup" came along with it. I loved it. Great job :)


  4. Love this post because it is relatable and funny. I giggled throughout it! I swear I have like 15 uncomfortable shoes simply because they are lovely to look at.

    S .x

  5. Haha this is really funny, what a great post. I totally agree with the food one, especially when it comes to pizza! X

  6. This was so funny, actually can't stop laughing at the last one! Any girl who says she doesn't do that is LYING😂 Thanks for sharing!


  7. OH MY GOSH! This was so freaking relatable! I love how you said all the right things :D


    1. Awww thanks lovely! I'm glad you enjoyed it! x

  8. Never have I felt on more of an emotional level. I buy many white tops and within 5 minutes get lipstick or concealer on them -so. annoying. And that being hungry one is literally me right now!! Great post lovely xx


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