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Regime London - Coconut Quench Capsules | review

One thing I can admit I'm terrible at, is sticking to a skin care routine. I mean, if you ever see me post about 1 - something will probably be wrong with the world! It's something I've dreamt of locking down for a long time but never get round to it! I've never had "awful" skin, a bit of dryness here and there, the odd spot or so - but I want it to be perfect... So I embarked on a course of capsules to ease me in to the skin care side of things! 

Where to buy: Superdrug

When Regime London sent me a box of their Coconut Quench Capsules to test out, I was ready to challenge myself, and my skin: 

"Regime London is a premium range of nutricosmetics designed to provide a deeper level of beauty care and support, helping to bring the ‘inner you’ to the surface."

Now, let me tell you, these capsules... This, is where it's at! Lets just say, each capsule contains a whopping 4000mg of coconut water!!!!!! Coconut Water is one of the biggest trends around this summer, but, 4000mg? That's crazy guys. As well as that, each capsule also contains a pinch (or punch) of  Hyaluronic Acid which is proven to help increase skin hydration - pair the 2 together and you've got ultimate skin, moisture content. Like, if your skin was taking part in a game of Top Trumps (I know it wasn't just me that used to play them cards) - you'd take the trophy for skin moisture content every day of the week. Anyway... 

The capsules come as a 30 day supply which is great, as I didn't see a huge difference before week 3, but I knew to expect this anyway. Plus, they're suitable for vegetarians! 

I knew I wasn't going to have an issue taking them themselves, the capsules themselves are average size, nothing huge - it was sticking to the course which was the hard part for me! So I waited 'till I knew I had nothing on and could stick with it. Honestly, I'm not an overly busy person, but if I miss 1 pill, the next thing I know I've missed a week's worth, etc... I took 1 every morning with a glass of water and began the waiting game we've all played, which consisted of waiting around to see if there was any results! It was a tough 30 day's of turning off the annoying reminder on my phone each morning to pop a pill but it was worth it! My skin feels healthier, brighter and even a bit softer! Makeup sits better on my skin, and I just feel better in myself! I don't have to worry about my foundation caking any more... 

Oh, yeah, did I mention, they're currently on sale! Pop to your closest Superdrug and snap these up because they're currently £13.32 - RRP £19.99. You can thank me later! 

*A huge thank you to Regime London for kindly gifting this product to me! I've had a great time trying something new and really noticing a difference in my skin! Make sure you follow them here on: FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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  1. This was interesting to read! I have always been interested in products like this because you can never get enough nutrients right? But I have never heard of coconut water being used like this!
    I’ve just followed your blog, and I would love if you could take a peak at mine on bloglovin >
    I look forward to seeing more of your content!
    Anjna Harish

    1. I hadn't either but I was really glad I tried these! Have just followed you lovely. Thanks for all your kind words! xxx

  2. This is so interesting! I love coconut water but have never heard of this before!!
    Kathy x

    1. Nor had I until these! 100% worth a try lovely xxx


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