Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The 2 perfumes you need right now!*

Aloha loves, happy 2018 and all that chizzz... It's a new year and i'm finally back with my first post of 2018! What better to review then these pretty perfumes by So...? Fragrance. You may have read my post from last year (or maybe you haven't, whatever...) about the body mists that So...? came out with, you can read that post here! Now they're back with some beautiful perfumes - this brand just knows exactly how to up their game at the perfect time. 

Growing up, So...? were always the go to brand for all things "smelly". Every 14 year old at my school had the latest body spray that was on offer in Superdrug at the time, and anyone caught using the then rival, Charlie Red/Charlie Blue would be laughed at. Who would have ever thought all those years ago that So...? would still be killing the game getting bigger and badder as the years went on?! 

Anyway, I could literally sit here and get nostalgic all day but you'd get bored way before I do. So yeah, So...? Fragrance have released their most current brain wave, the eau de parfum. It's been a long time coming (in my opinion) but these baby's were worth waiting for! 

So...? Hooked me up with 2 different scents from this range and I am seriously obsessed. First things first, did you notice that packaging?! It gorgeous. Each glass bottle is housed in a sturdy cardboard box which are both eye catching and enticing. The rectangular bottles are a strong glass that you'd get from much dearer brands, and like the body mists come decorated with a pretty but sophisticated graphic that appears to take over the whole bottle (I know it doesn't, it's just how it looks).

I Am So...? Is the perfect everyday fragrance. I use this most days before I leave for work and the amount of people that have asked me what I'm wearing is crazy. Most of them can't believe its not a "high end" brand! With top notes of green pear, mandarin and bergamot mixed with orange blossom and peony, this is a fruity but subtle fragrance that you could wear on any occasion. Its staying power is great and a few spritz' lasts me the whole day - that's impressive as it is as I have quite an active & practical job.

So...? Sheer Illusion is quickly becoming one of my faves in my perfume collection. Again, with top notes of mandarin and bergamot, but this time mixed with rose and jasmine, this is the perfect girly scent. Perfect for an evening out with the other half or cocktails with friends. Again, the bottle is bloody beautiful and I think i'm going to re-buy this for the rest of my life just because of how easy it is on the eye! Although it's top notes are similar to that of I Am So...?, the fragrance is so different. This is much flirtier and has a bit more character. 

Did I mention... These beauties are only £6.99 at Boots?! I don' think I can cope with the bargain. I'm not a maths or science whiz, but I can say that these bottles go a long way. I've been using them at least every other day for the last month and I've got plenty left. Not only that, my colleagues have spritzed them, my friends have, and even my mum has! Can you really go wrong with a bargain that goes such a long way?! 

Re-live your teens but add a twist, go back to that isle of Boots, look at the So...? products, slay the fucking day away and pick these up. You won't regret it, and your inner hormonal teen will be happy for another 10 minutes. (Is any teen actually happy for longer then 10 mins at a time? I wasn't). There are currently 4 scents in the range so here's hoping that So...? are planning to expand - even more! 

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A huge thank you to everyone at So...? Fragrance and the team behind @BloggingGals for hooking me up with these So...? beauties! I'm again really impressed and head over heels! Don't forget to follow Blogging Gals & So...? to find out even more! *All opinions expressed are that of my own.

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