Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Lipgloss That Every Unicorn Lover Needs*

In the makeup world, there's a lot going on and a lot to keep up with. Luckily, once a product is "discovered" its set in stone, e.g. eye shadow is eye shadow it just comes in different formulas/colours. So lets talk about a beauty staple that I've really only rated for the past year or so.

Lip gloss... You either love it or you hate it. Now if I can get a decent formula, I love lip gloss. As long as it's not toooo sticky. When I was younger, I hated lip gloss... I hated how it felt, how it looked, everything. I've always been a big matte lip lover so to discover lip gloss again was quite a big deal for me. But really, I've found that rather then just plastering your lips in lip gloss, popping a bit on top of a lip look can be a beautiful finale to any makeup look! With Valentines day around the corner, the lip gloss you're about to read about is perfectly pink for the occasion and your lips are going to be smelling good enough to eat all day/night.

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The guys at Instant Beauty Fix have given birth to a beautifully clever titled lip gloss. Unicorn Snot... Seriously, thinking about it now, I don't understand how no one ever thought of this one before. Come on, has there ever been such an appropriate name for a product? 

Seriously, this is every pink lovers dream. The colour itself is a great fuchsia pink and its filled with beautifully bright glitter - reflective pinks, purples, silvers. It's so pretty and easy on the eye. Next up can we talk about the scent. This bad boy is candyfloss scented. That's right, it's described as candyfloss scented and is actually candyfloss scented. Often scented lip gloss' fail to smell like their description and leave you with a boring plastic-y smell but not this one. This stuff is good enough to eat. I encouraged my brother to smell it and it was a struggle to get it back...

I love this lip gloss, it's going to be the beautiful hint of sparkle that I need this Valentines day and I'm hoping my other half will be able to smell its sweet scent across the table all evening. Unfortunately there was 1 thing about this product that let me down, and that has to be the packaging! It just reminds me of the lip gloss' I'd use when I was 13, a cheap tube to put in my back pocket so I could apply 7 coats of it on the bus. However, I suppose with this transparent tube at least you can see how beautiful it really is and the product is pretty eye catching. If I walked past this in a store, it would catch my eye! 

Unicorn Snot comes in 5 pretty colours (maybe they all have different scents as well?) - Pink, Green, Gold, Purple and Silver. They're all super pretty but my inner girly girl can't get enough of this pretty pink one! Why not add a little sparkle to your Valentines day this year and treat yourself to a tube of Unicorn Snot? (I never thought I'd ever say that!) - you'll be the glittery-est Belle at the ball! 

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Although this product was gifted to me, all opinions are my own and not influenced by anyone else. 

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