Monday, 12 December 2016

10 Things to do this Christmas!

I feel like it was only Christmas 2015, about a week ago. I can't believe that already, people are drowning in sea's of wrapping paper with their garish blue lights flashing in their windows. Although I just don't have time to do Blogmas this year (I'll start writing posts for next year, in September!), I do still want to upload a few christmas-y posts to keep the festive spirit alive! So heres 10 thing's I want to do this Christmas, which you can do as well! 

Drink mulled wine at a christmas market

Drink every hot chocolate available this year at Costa

Bake my own Christmas tree brownies!

Pick up some Christmas PJ's which I will only wear on Christmas Eve, literally

Visit Central London and see some pretty Christmas lights

Sit on the floor of the Lounge watching The Holiday whislt wrapping presents

Finally understand what to buy picky men for Christmas.

Fill the house with scents of Christmas Yankee Candle's.

Make hot chocolate with cream and marshmallowes

Go shopping on boxing day for 50% off Lush! 

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  1. Firstly Libby, 50% off Lush!!!! WHATTTT? This sounds amazing!

    Also, I love that hot chocolate is mentioned numerous times! I love it!

    Thanks for sharing this post. It was amazing as every :)

    Steph xxxx

    Steph's World | Lifestyle Blog |

  2. Christmas tree brownies are so cute!!
    Kathy x

  3. Libby I feel like you and me are kindred spirits lol! Your list is my list (if I was still living in the UK) but my Christmas lights will be at a selection of Abu Dhabi hotels and costa in UAE has only 1 hot chocolate, the caramel fudge. YUM!!!

    Have an amazing Christmas

    Amy |

  4. Love the list! I didn't have time to do blogmas this year either but wanted to do some holiday-themed posts! I feel you on the Christmas PJs and Yankee Candles! This is the time to indulge!
    XX Jen


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